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OnBoard with Parent & Family Connections - Transition
Hello Future Boilermaker family,
As summer begins, it's the perfect time to start talking with your student about preparing for the transition to Purdue.
Not only is your student marking a new milestone, you will begin a new phase of your life in becoming a partner to your student in their college success — a sounding board, source of support and coach!

Often, our preparedness for tomorrow depends on the questions we ask today. So in the spirit of readiness, we've created five conversation starters for you.
budget Budget and spending. Help your student create a summer budget to better understand where their money goes. Be sure and check out the MyMoney website. It's packed with information and tools designed for students to manage finances throughout college. 
email Email. Encourage your student to check their Purdue email account (@purdue.edu) on a regular basis. This is how the University will officially communicate with your student — getting in this habit early is important!
laundry Set backs. They happen to everyone. Resources are available to help students work through them, but now is a good time to have a talk with your Boilermaker about tackling challenges through grit and perseverance. This Ted Talk from Angela Lee Duckworth may help you find a way to get the conversation started.
roommate Sharing space. Many students have never shared a room before. If your student will be living with a roommate, start discussing some of the basics. General cleanliness. Having friends over. How to approach a roommate if a concern arises. 
phone Communicating with family. It's probably too early to know how often you'll call, text or email once they're living on campus, but it's never too early to discuss communications options and expectations well in advance of move-in day.
Shifting the relationship to a more adult-to-adult way of communicating can take time. One idea to consider is when your student asks you a question, try asking, "What do you think?" before giving a response. This gives unique insight into your student's thought process and decision making.

If you haven't already, now is a great time to join other incoming families for conversations on the 2019 Admitted Purdue Families Facebook group! Simply log on to Facebook and ask to join the 2019 Admitted Purdue Families Facebook Group. When prompted, answer the three questions (if you do not have a join code, please email parents@purdue.edu). If Facebook does not prompt you with the questions, be on the lookout for a Facebook message from one of the administrators. Before you know it, you'll be chatting with parents just like you — excited Boilermakers!

As always, if you have any suggestions for topics for OnBoard or have a specific question — our doors are always open. We're here to support and help you prepare for the all-important years ahead for you and your family.
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Purdue Parent & Family Connections
May 14, 2019
Discussions to have with your student
What are your worries about sharing a room?

What (if any) additional funds will be given for incidentals. How often will they be given?


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