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OnBoard with Parent & Family Connections - Checklist
There are exciting times ahead! Here's your to-do list to get you on your way.
Before coming to Summer Transition, Advising and Registration (STAR), students should log in to the myPurdue student portal to finish any outstanding items on their New Student Task List, and complete tasks that have early deadlines:
Register guests (up to two) at least one week before their STAR session*
Complete the mandatory Student Information Form at least one week before their STAR session*
Upload their ID card photo at least one full business day before their STAR session*
Complete Immunization requirements
Complete their myCareerPlan*
Request transcripts for any Dual Credit Courses. Read more on Purdue's Transfer Credit website
Take the ALEKS Math assessment (optional)*

Look for more parent/family information about STAR in the May 21 ONBOARD newsletter.

*Task is accessible through the New Student Task List on your student's online myPurdue account.
Before the beginning of the semester:
Check your homeowners policy to see if it covers belongings in a University residence (for on-campus students) or look into renters insurances (for off-campus students)
Talk to your student about your communication plan (frequency of calls, emails, texts)
Discuss when you will come to campus and when your student will come home during the semester. (Follow www.purdue.edu/parentandfamily for information about 2019 Family Weekend, which will be available on this site in mid-August)
Important dates to remember
  Review and accept aid package
  - Sign promissory note- if your student wants their aid (including educational loans) to credit the bursar invoice when it comes out, students need to have accepted their aid package prior. If your student accepts after the initial Bursar billing, they will get a revised invoice once the aid credits.
10 1st Fall fee assessment
15 Fall invoice available
  - If you have a 529 plan, be sure to submit required information early to allow for processing time
1 Private Scholarship Payments to bursar to ensure proper posting
10 Students should be signed up for direct deposit
9-13 BGRi (Boiler Gold Rush International)
12-13 BGR (Boiler Gold Rush) move-in
13-17 BGR 
19 Classes begin
  Enrollment must be confirmed via myPurdue
  Payment due or 1st fall installment due (25%)
2 Labor Day - no classes
16 2nd payment due (if paying by installment plan)
7-8 October break
15 3rd payment due (if paying by installment plan)
12 Homecoming
25-27 Family Weekend - watch for additional information on our website
15 4th payment due (if paying by installment plan)
13 1st Spring fee assessment
18 Spring invoice available
27-30 Thanksgiving break
7 Classes end
9-14 Final exams
14 Semester ends

Visit the Office of the Registrar's website for a more detailed calendar.

Boiler Up!
Purdue Parent & Family Connections
May 7, 2019
Discussions to have with your student
Encourage your student to verify that their emergency contact's information is listed in myPurdue.

Have the money talk—the MyMoney website may be helpful to get the conversation started.


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