Campus Affairs

The purpose of the Campus Affairs Committee is to serve the Purdue academic advising community and the Purdue student body by acting as an advocate in any area of the University which impacts the overall student experience, the PACADA membership, and academic advising as a profession.

The Committee sponsors the PACADA Student Services Update twice per academic year, fall and spring.  The Update is a venue for faculty and staff to inform the PACADA membership about new programs and initiatives that will influence academic advising and student services.  It has also served as a venue for introducing new directors of programs/ departments, and for advisors to provide an overview of their experiences at local, regional, and national conferences.

The PACADA membership is invited to attend the meetings which take place once every 4 to 6 weeks during a semester.  The first meeting of the semester is spent planning the Update.  Subsequent meetings involve discussing advising/student issues, what is happening within the student-services realm locally and nationally, the creation of new programs/departments and how they will impact advising, and best-advising practices, etc…  As a result of these discussions it is the hope that “action items” will be generated that need to be addressed at the University level.

Co-Chairs: Stephanie Koerner – Krannert School of Management & Ashley Versprille – Health and Human Sciences

Purdue Academic Advising Association