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Here you will find a list of our frequently asked questions about this upcoming summer. This page will continue to be updated as more information becomes available. Don't see your particular question? Feel free to fill out the form on our home page to request more specific information, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Top Questions

When will VSTAR begin? How long will I have to complete it?

Virtual STAR opened to all students on Monday, May 11. This online course will need to be completed before students meet with their academic advisor. VSTAR may be completed at any point between May 11 and July 10, and students may complete it at their own pace. Students must schedule an appointment with their academic advisor no later than Friday, July 10.

I need help with / have questions about VSTAR. Who can I contact?

For VSTAR specific questions, please fill out the contact form on our Home Page. Please also read the remainder of this FAQ page, as your question may already be listed.

Are Boiler Gold Rush and Boiler Gold Rush International still happening?

The Orientation Programs team continues to monitor and work alongside Purdue University with updates regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus). Boiler Gold Rush and Boiler Gold Rush International will be taking place concurrently the week before classes begin, August 18th-22nd. For more information, please visit the BGR tab above.

I had already scheduled a STAR date. Will I have to reschedule?

All students who have accepted their offer of admission and made their enrollment deposit will be automatically enrolled. You will not need to drop your current STAR date or register for Virtual STAR.

What’s the best way to stay updated with everything that I need to know about orientation?

The Orientation Programs website will be updated consistently between now and the beginning of the fall semester. Updates will also be shared on our social media accounts @allaboardpurdue or Purdue Orientation, so go ahead and follow us!

Who do I contact about my status as a Purdue student?

Many popular questions have been answered on the Admissions Frequently Asked Questions page, so please check this out! You can also email, or call 765-494-1776 if you have other questions.

Registration / Advising Questions

How will I register for my Fall classes?

Students will meet with their academic advisor to request fall courses. On July 23, all students will receive their fall schedules. This process will be outlined at a later date.

Can I schedule my advising appointment before my AP Scores are in or should I wait?

Yes! You can schedule your academic advising appointment before your AP Scores are in. In your advising appointment you will be able to discuss the impacts of your AP/IB scores on your classes, regardless of if your results have been received.

How do I connect with an academic advisor?

After you complete the VSTAR experience, you will set up a time to meet with an academic advisor. Please read through your personal VSTAR instructions on how to connect with your advisor, as details may vary by college. These advising appointments can take place at any time between May 11 and July 10 in preparation for pre-registering for fall courses.

Will classes fill up before I get a chance to register?

Purdue uses a batch registration process to optimize the schedules of all students who complete a course request form in a given time period. This process happens in stages; after completing VSTAR, students select their course preferences and priorities during their pre-registration window. VSTAR will conclude on July 10, and on July 23 Purdue will register all students at once using an algorithm that minimizes conflicts while respecting individual student course requests. Thus, all students who complete pre-registration have the same opportunity for course space, regardless of their pre-registration timeframe.

VSTAR Questions

How do I access VSTAR?

Students will log in to Purdue’s Brightspace learning management system to complete the VSTAR modules at their own pace. Click here to access Brightspace, and click the “Purdue University – West Lafayette” section to log in with your Purdue career account information. Brightspace can also be accessed through the Pulse App, which can be downloaded on the App Store or Google Play.

How do I log in to VSTAR?

If you have signed up for the BoilerKey two-factor authentication system, you will use your career account username and BoilerKey passphrase. Your passphrase will be the four-digit pin number you created, a comma and the word “push” with no spaces (1234,push). Then confirm the log in using the Duo Mobile app on your smartphone within 15 seconds.

If you haven’t set up BoilerKey two-factor authentication, it’s OK! Just use your Purdue career account username and password to sign in instead. After new students accept their offer of admission, they have a seven-month grace period before they are required to set up BoilerKey. We recommend waiting until after classes start to sign up.

If you need help logging in to VSTAR, please review the BoilerKey two-factor authentication FAQ, or contact Information Technology at Purdue (ITaP) at 765-494-4000.

Parents and guardians can review a condensed version of VSTAR on the Orientation Programs website.

Why is STAR not happening in person?

For the safety of all individuals involved, Purdue University has made the decision to move STAR online for all incoming students. Purdue's webpage of frequently asked questions provides a comprehensive summary of decisions and practices during the coronavirus pandemic. Updated almost daily and sometimes multiple times a day, it also has valuable links to announcements and articles with more details.

Do I have to register for Virtual STAR?

You do not! All students who have accepted their offer of admission and made their enrollment deposit will be automatically enrolled.

What will happen to the things I planned to do at STAR?

Many adjustments are being made to experiences that would have traditionally occurred on campus.

  • Students will pick up their Campus ID card on-site during BGRi or BGR check-in, or on-campus when they move-in.
  • Academic Advising appointments will occur virtually. After new students complete VSTAR, advisors will reach out to schedule appointments.
  • Auditions for Concert Bands, Jazz Bands, and Orchestras will now be virtual. The audition process for the Purdue All American Marching Band remains unchanged. More information regarding next steps can be found on this website.
  • Interest Sessions and connections with campus resources will be conducted online. A schedule of these online opportunities will be listed at a later date. A schedule of these online opportunities will be listed on our VSTAR Live Sessions page.

Other Questions

I am an international student. Who do I contact if I have a question about my immigration status?

For questions about your immigration status you can email or call 765-494-5770.

Who do I contact if I have a learning communities question?

For questions on learning communities you can email

Who do I contact if I have questions about Early Start or Summer Start?

You can email for questions related to Early Start or Summer Start or visit their webpages for more information.

I had already made plans to come to campus. Will I be reimbursed for expenses?

Individuals who independently paid for transportation or lodging out of pocket should seek a refund or credit with the companies that hold their reservations.

Are summer classes still happening?

At this point, Purdue plans to resume normal classroom operations by July. This means that Summer Start and Early Start will continue as planned. Classes prior to July will be delivered remotely.

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