There are a lot of exciting moments that we want to share with you when we run our hacks. If you want watch more videos, go to our RCODI video channel and our YouTube channel.

Introduction to Purdue IronHacks

Purdue IronHacks – An extended look

IronHacks Project Manager: Pooja Shevade about her time with RCODI

Purdue gold ironhacks ‘winning spirit’ winner – sijin wang

Open for Openness: It’s the Only Choice. By Professor Sabine Brunswicker 

Innovation on Open Digital Platforms: simulating the effects of Developer Strategies on the Interplay Between Platform Complexity and Perfomace.


Daniel Zheng – Best Solution Winner in the Black IronHack

Saurav Nanda – Improvement Spirit Winner in Black IronHack

Lenna Peterson – Community spirit winner in Purdue IronHack