Open Digital Innovation is a new and active field. Learn more with these resources by Sabine Brunswicker, our affiliated researchers, and distinguished thought leaders.


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Managing Open Innovation in Large Firms

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Presentations & Videos

Not a Fad but a PhenomenonOpen Innovation: Not a Fad but a Phenomenon. Given by Sabine Brunswicker at 2013 Red Hat Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Partner Conference.

Innovation Is Not Everything, It Is the Only Thing. Given by Sabine Brunswicker at the CloudOps Summit 2013.

Open Innovation in ActionOpen Innovation in Action – Modes of Open Innovation. Given by Sabine Brunswicker at the Open Innovation 2.0 Conference

Open Innovation in SMEs. Given by Sabine Brunswicker as a part of the Open Innovation Speaker Series at University of California, Berkeley

Open Innovation in SMEs and Cross Boundary Innovation Sourcing. Given by Sabine Brunswicker as a part of the Open Innovation Speaker Series at University of California, Berkeley


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