Prof. Brunswicker chairs Panel Symposium at the 2014 Academy of Management Meeting.

March 18, 2014


2014 Annual Meeting


Prof. Sabine Brunswicker will chair a unique panel symposium at the 2014 Academy of Management Meeting taking place August 1-5 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: “Resolving the Debate on Competition and Collaboration in Open Innovation Crowds”. To resolve the debate on competition and collaboration in open innovation crowds, the panel brings together highly reputed scholars in the field to discuss five major themes that are essential to find a resolution: 1) incentives in competition and collaboration 2) contingencies factors shaping performance of collaboration and competition 3) competition and collaboration as network-level phenomenon 4) the role of technologies and information systems in affording collaboration and competition and 5) the need for co-creation in open innovation crowds and governance & facilitation practices for them. Members of the panel are highly profile academics in the field of Open Innovation such as, Allan Afuah (University of Michigan, USA), Johann Füller (University of Innsbruck, Austria), Karim Lakhani (Panelist) (Harvard Business School, USA), Jan-Marco Leimeister (University of Kassel, Germany & St. Gallen University, Switzerland), Ann Majchrzak (University of Southern California, USA & ESADE Business School, Spain). Our panelist will ignite the debate of the panel via a short contribution to each theme and will invite other panelist as well as the audience to respond to it.

Attend the AOM, join the panel and contribute to a lively debate.