Whether you are an undergrad or grad student, there are numerous ways to get involved with us.

  • Join the Open Digital Innovation movement as a hacker: Purdue IronHacks
  • Hone your knowledge in open digital innovation and take some our classes or even get a degree in Open Digital Innovation.
  • Perform a research project in your field of interest:- Open data contests, crowdsourcing, and information transparency/analytics: Designing and predicting evolution of crowds.
    – Modeling of complex social systems forming around digital science infrastructures (
    – E-Health communities and drug development networks.
    – Open source software, open hardware and evolution of complex IT structures.
    – Open innovation intermediaries and retention of participants.
    – Open Source Software Metrics.



Volunteer opportunity:

To work and develop research experience as a volunteer is one of the best rewarding experiences that a in training professional can have. If you want to get involved in our community, you can attend our team meetings or join as an intern at Research Center of Open Digital innovation, send us an email at: and express your interest to get to know you.

Job opportunity:



February 1, 2017

Tech experts for Purdue Gold IronHacks WANTED

Do you consider yourself as a great web programmer? Are you totally into mash-up design and apps? Are you excited about hacking events and programming competitions?  Are you familiar with Javascript, D3.js libraries, and APIs like Google API?

Do you want to be part of a unique initiative run by the Research Center for Open Digital Innovation ( on open data hacking?

Do you want to show your expertise, and become a tech expert of the Purdue IronHacks.

Do you want to hone you skills as a technical judge?

If so, then you should apply today.


This is a catalyst role that supports the Purdue IronHack evaluation process running from March 7th to April 30th 2017.  Being part of the IronHack team would require you to be available through this period to be part of the evaluation team.  For your exact evaluation work schedule, please check out our Hack timelines for Gold and Black IronHack here: You would test and judge web apps programmed in Javascript based on judging scheme developed by the Purdue IronHacks team.

Your Benefits

Gain fame as a judge (and use this on your CV)! Build relationship with companies like Red Hat, Socrata? Become part of an open data movement and inspire others because of your expertise? Get $50 per hack for your efforts! 

Contact: Prof. Sabine Brunswicker and Pooja Shevade:



January 26, 2017

Student worker for Research Center of Open Digital Innovation WANTED


  • Social media and website content updates (twitter, facebook, word press)
  • Basic clerical work (filing, taking phone calls, organizing receipts, plan and reimburse travel expenses)
  • Information gathering
  • PowerPoint design and editing
  • Help organize campus events
  • Potential for creative tasks such as design work and photography


  • Reliable, diligent, self-starter, strong communication skills, able to use Excel, Word, PowerPoint, attention to detail
  • Experience with tools for online marketing and social media a plus (twitter, facebook, word press, etc.)
  • Basic skills or interest in developing skills in Adobe Illustrator or InDesign a plus (not a must)

Work-study program preferred

Learn more about us on

Start date, hours, and duration:

  • As soon as possible!
  • Time frame: Spring with the goal to renew for fall (we like to have sustainability in our team)
  • Hours: Min 10 h, ideally 20 h.
  • Pay: depending on skills (you won’t be unhappy)

Submit now! Send your application to (resume and cover letter); application deadline February 2, 2017

December 9, 2016

Full-Stack Web Specialist with Strong Leadership Skills at Purdue’s Research Center for Open Digital Innovation

Do you want work experience with a real-life innovation project? Do you want to work with a dedicated and professional research team at the forefront of innovative practices? Are you a motivated and dedicated individual who is so passionate about coding and developing platforms that you dream about it? Then our position as Full-Stack Web Specialist at the Research Center for Open Digital Innovation (RCODI) is just right for you!

As Full-Stack Web Specialist for RCODI, you will be involved in a variety of challenging projects with the opportunity to learn and apply new skills in a research setting. Some of the tasks for this position include (but are not limited to):

  1. Enhance and maintain the technical infrastructure of Purdue IronHacks with your creativity: website and community forum
  2. Enhance existing Purdue IronHacks tutorials and complement them with new ones
  3. Develop a single platform with ability to assign participants to separate hackathons
  4. Maintaining online accounts with Heroku and GitHub
  5. Learning new programming techniques and strengthening your career profile
  6. Gaining practical experience with web design and development for real-world projects

Your minimum skill set will be:

  1. BS/MS degree in computer science or related areas (current graduate student preferred)
  2. Experience developing web applications
  3. Proficient with HTML/CSS/Javascript
  4. Expertise with Node.js
  5. Experience with Python and familiarity with Github
  6. Problem solving skills and the ability and willingness to learn new techniques quickly

Desired skills and experience include:

  1. Experience working with Google Maps API, D3.js and Jquery
  2. Experience with Linux/Python
  3. Knowledge of databases such as MySQL or MongoDB
  4. Experience in Data Visualization and data analysis
  5. Experience with or interest in writing and conducting tutorials

This position would start January 4th as hourly paid developer (~20 h a week) with the opportunity to translate it into RA position in the following weeks.

To apply for this position, please submit a résumé, link to Github account, and other evidence of prior coding experience to