Whether you are an undergrad or grad student, there are numerous ways to get involved with us.

  • Join the Open Digital Innovation movement as a hacker: Purdue IronHacks
  • Hone your knowledge in open digital innovation and take some our classes or even get a degree in Open Digital Innovation.
  • Perform a research project in your field of interest:- Open data contests, crowdsourcing, and information transparency/analytics: Designing and predicting evolution of crowds.
    – Modeling of complex social systems forming around digital science infrastructures (
    – E-Health communities and drug development networks.
    – Open source software, open hardware and evolution of complex IT structures.
    – Open innovation intermediaries and retention of participants.
    – Open Source Software Metrics.



Volunteer opportunity:

To work and develop research experience as a volunteer is one of the best rewarding experiences that a in training professional can have. If you want to get involved in our community, you can attend our team meetings or join as an intern at Research Center of Open Digital innovation, send us an email at: and express your interest to get to know you.

Job opportunity:



June 13, 2017

Tech experts for Purdue Gold IronHacks WANTED

Do you consider yourself as a great web programmer? Are you totally into mash-up design and apps? Are you excited about hacking events and programming competitions?  Are you familiar with Javascript, D3.js libraries, and APIs like Google API?

Do you want to be part of a unique initiative run by the Research Center for Open Digital Innovation ( on open data hacking?

Do you want to show your expertise, and become a tech expert of the Purdue IronHacks.

Do you want to hone you skills as a technical judge?

If so, then you should apply today.


This is a catalyst role that supports the Purdue IronHack evaluation process running from October 21st to November 19th, 2017.  Being part of the IronHacks team would require you to be available for preparation meetings and throughout this period to be part of the evaluation team.  You would test and judge web apps programmed in Javascript based on the judging scheme developed by the Purdue IronHacks team.

Your Benefits

Gain fame as a judge (and use this on your CV)! Build relationships with companies like Red Hat and Socrata. Become part of an open data movement while inspiring others through your expertise. Get $100 per hack for your efforts! 

Contact: Prof. Sabine Brunswicker: or Maria Whipple: