Industry partners

As a growing center of open source and innovation, the Research Center for Open Digital Innovation offers many ways to connect with our leading work and research as an industry partner.

Keynote speaker

If you want to gain cutting-edge insights from a leading expert, click here to invite Professor Brunswicker to be speaker in your next conference.
 Professor Sabine Brunswicker is an internationally recognized innovation researcher and thought leader with a particular interest in open innovation and ecosystems. She has been a keynote speaker in numerous academic and industry events, such as the Open Innovation 2.0 Conference, the 2016 Red Hat Summit, and the Network Institute’s “Organizing for Digital Innovation” workshop in Amsterdam. She is always eager to bridge the gap between scientific discoveries and industry challenges in her conferences and provide transformative insights to shape the future of organizations.

Establish fellowship

Fellowship programs are great opportunities to collaborate and expand areas of research to benefit corporations and industry partners. At RCODI, we offer the chance for fellowship programs to place a research fellow within our team to gain great insight, experience, and research opportunities. Please send us an email at to nominate a student or a senior research fellow according to their specialization fields in the fellowship program.

Become a sponsor for our Hacks


If  you’re  interested in tackling real-world industry challenges through virtual app development, check out our Purdue IronHacks competitions. Hosted twice a year by the Research Center for Open Digital Innovation, Purdue IronHacks promotes open data and open source innovation and creativity.

The Research Center for Open Digital Innovation hosts 4 IronHack events each year, and none of them would be possible without the great deal of hard work, time, and help we get from our students and our sponsors.

If you are interested in being an Award Sponsor for RCODI’s IronHacks, you can mail your contribution (made payable to Purdue Foundation) to the address below. For more information, contact:

Paul Sturm
Director of Strategic Development for Discovery Park
Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship
1201 W. State Street; West Lafayette, IN 47907-2057
765.494.6668 (direct) | 317.617.6299 (mobile) |