PhD Application

PhD Research Areas and Research Projects for Fall 2014 (still open for application)

  1. Security and transparency in open data ecosystems and civic cyber infrastructures: Empirical and data-driven research on technological affordances through natural and quasi-natural experiments
  2. Computational and data-driven research on dynamic roles and emerging governance science in novel science and innovation infrastructures ( )
  3. Collective action and innovation diffusion in eHealth communities and drug development networks
  4. Network virtualization, open standards and virtual production and diffusion networks

Interested applicants please email your name and contact information to professor Sabine Brunswicker. Please do attach your resume and a cover letter in the mail.


Applications open for interested PhD students

RCODI is recommending students with a research interest in data-driven or computational socio-technical research in the area of open digital innovation to join the I-IGP (Independent-Interdisciplinary Graduate Program). This program is intended specifically for students seeking unique interdisciplinary academic and research areas currently not available at Purdue. With appropriate guidance and oversight from our faculty, students admitted to this program could tailor their graduate coursework and research to fit this RCODI interdisciplinary area.