From research leaders to business executives, our alumni are driving Open Digital Innovation initiatives across the globe.

eonyoung-choEonYoung Cho is pursuing her Ph.D. in Statistics. Her research interests are the statistical analysis of diffusion and network theory in Open Digital Innovation. Her current project is examining the diffusion of scientific knowledge in the nanoHUB platform and the innovation process in terms of time flow.




cherylCheryl Hsiang is pursuing a PhD degree in Technology with a concentration in open digital innovation. Her research interest includes the association between online member’s centrality and idea adoption on innovation platforms. She also looks into the combination of elements in successful ideas and the relationship between the combination and idea evolution.




kang-yuKang-Yu Hsu earned his PhD degree in Industrial Engineering at Purdue University. His research interests involve identifying the multi-level network structure of Nanohub, in which machine learning techniques are applied to identify the role of tools, developers and users.




phillipPhillip Munyua is a Senior Technical Leader and Data Scientist for Aricent, a software engineering company in Remond, WA. Phillip received a PhD degree in Technology with a concentration in Open Digital Innovation from Purdue University in 2015. Philip’s research involves modeling economic impact of projects and digital space in a science ecosystem through amalgamation of Spatial Econometrics, Networks and Information Innovation theories.



markus-schimmer-1Markus Schimmer was a faculty member at Purdue University’s Research Center for Open Digital Innovation (RCODI) serving as a Lecturer and Researcher in Digital Innovation from 2014-2015. He contributed to the center’s research and guided the development and successful launch of a graduate course for students in the center’s MS and PhD programs. Following his stay, Markus joined Accenture Strategy in Zurich and now consults Financial Services companies on Digital Strategy. He remains associated with academia by advancing a research apps portal with event study tools for the economic analysis of discrete events and by lecturing at different institutions.



Charles Song is a Research Assistant for Purdue University’s Center for Open Digital Innovation. His research focuses on measuring the mashup similarity in different dimensions including code, functionality and visualized features to learn how to evaluate and improve mashup projects. He is now involved in the Purdue IronHack project to provide technical supports and develop platforms for the contest. He earned his Master’s in Technology with a concentration in Open Digital Innovation at Purdue in 2016.



Wan-Ting “Kerina” Su earned her PhD degree in Industrial Engineering at Purdue University. Her research interest is on online communication activity and online social structure to explore the dynamics and network exchange patterns in open source community.





Sarah Riddle is studying Business Management and Psychological Sciences in Purdue University’s Honors College. She intends to pursue her MBA upon graduation to launch a career in Human Resources. Some of her prior business experience includes interning at Textron Aviation (Cessna Aircraft Company) in Business Development and working in a Marketing role at the Metals Service Center Institute. At the RCODI, Sarah tackles a multitude of tasks from content management to marketing strategy.