Our student researchers tackle interdisciplinary questions at the interface of management and economics, information systems, design engineering, and data science in an action-oriented and empirical research setting.

No image availableSrikant Rao is pursuing his MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering. His current research is on the statistical analysis of NanoHub tool data to identify trends for sustainable use of such tools.

Bjoern  JensenBjørn Jens Møiniche Jensen is pursuing his PhD degree in Open Innovation and Organizational Communication. His research interest is in open strategizing and knowledge creation in heterogenous team settings. He also looks into technological affordances and their impact on knowledge creation and open strategizing.

Kerina Wan-Ting Su
is pursuing her PhD degree in Industrial Engineering. Her research interest is on online communication activity and online social structure to explore the dynamics and network exchange patterns in open source community.


Philip Munyua
is pursuing PhD degree in Applied Economics with concentration in Spatial Econometrics. Philip’s research involves modelling economic impact of projects and digital space in a science ecosystem through amalgamation of Spatial Econometrics, Networks and Information Innovation theories.





No image available Zhuonan Song is pursuing his MS degree in Industrial Technology. With the background of Computer Science, his research interest is in online community activities and knowledge sharing. He is now involved in the project of online community platform construction.




No image available Kang-Yu is purduing his PhD degree in Industrial Engineering. The current project he’s involved is identifying the multi-level network structure of Nanohub in which machine learning techniques are applied to identify the role of tools, developers and users.


Mehdi Bagherzadeh Niri

Mehdi Bagherzadeh is a third-year Ph.D. candidate in Management Science, with general interests in collaborative and open innovation, at the ESADE Business School, Barcelona. Currently, he is a research scholar at the Research Center for Open Digital Innovation, Purdue University. His specific research interests revolve around governance dynamics of knowledge flows in open and collaborative innovation and its effect on innovation performance. In his current research, Mehdi is studying the interplay between two governance mechanisms – selective revealing and behavioral control – with respect to their effect on two governance dimensions, namely incentive and control.

Currently, Mehdi is collaborating with Prof. Sabine Brunswicker (Purdue University) and Prof. Henry Chesbrough (UC Berkeley) in conducting the Global Open Innovation Executive Study 2014/2015 as a large scale and mix-method, survey and interviews, research with the aim of studying the governance of open innovation at the firm and project level.
His recent research, titled “A Review of Interorganizational Collaboration Dynamics”, is forthcoming in the Journal of Management (JOM).
He holds a master of research degree in Management Science from the ESADE Business School. Prior to joining ESADE, Mehdi received his MBA, with the orientation of Strategic Management, and Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering in Iran.