Our student researchers tackle interdisciplinary questions at the interface of management and economics, information systems, design engineering, and data science in an action-oriented and empirical research setting.

Albert Armisen is a socio-technical computational researcher with interest in open collaboration. His research is user-inspired on open collaboration about open source software and crowdsourced discussions. He is interested at the micro and meso level of collaboration across different individuals and actors using quantitative and qualitative computational methods. He has published in information system journals (e.g. Business Horizons) and software (e.g. Applied Soft Computing). Prior to pursuing his PhD, Albert worked as a telecommunication engineering researcher and a Product and Project Manager.



Jia Lin Cheoh - JayJia “Jay” is pursuing Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University. She was a commercial airline pilot, a lead developer at a tech giant and an entrepreneur at heart prior to joining Purdue University. After selling her two tech businesses, she went on to become a tech consultant for startups. She is passionate about contributing to multiple open source projects to leverage scarce resources and uncover new ideas. She is currently enjoying her time working with her mentor, Professor Dr. Sabine Brunswicker, and the team as a lead developer of Purdue Ironhacks, an initiative of the NSF sponsored project of open data at RCODI. She will be working as a developer at WBG next summer, using open data to solve complex problems and pressing issues around the world.


Captura de pantalla 2016-09-27 a las 11.11.48 a.m.Priyank Jain is a Graduate student pursuing Masters in Computer Science at Purdue University. He is a passionate programmer with over 3 years of experience in Web and System Programming. His areas of interest include Machine Learning and its applications in Social Media Domain. Priyank currently holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Engineering from Mumbai, India. He worked as a Technical Analyst for 2 years in Credit Suisse Investment Bank prior to joining Purdue University.



Bjørn Jens Møiniche Jensen is a third year Doctoral Candidate in Open Innovation and Organizational Communication. His research interest focuses on the effects of transparency on innovation in online enterprise collaboration. He holds an M.Sc. in Business Administration and Economics and a B.Sc. in International Business Communication, both from Copenhagen Business School.





Marlen Promann is an award winning user experience researcher and designer. She received her B.A. (Honors) Design, and M.Sc. in Media and Communications from London, UK. Approaching design as a cognitive and socio-cultural process, she studies human behviors to inform design. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Information Experience at Purdue University.




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Pooja Shevade is a second year Master’s student in the School of Industrial Engineering at Purdue. She received her Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, Pune, India. Some of her industrial experiences include: Interning at the Innovation Laboratory – Tech Mahindra, Pune; interning with a manufacturing firm as an Operations Analyst. Pooja is a tech enthusiast and passionate about digital innovation and analytics. At the RCODI, she is a Research Assistant and currently working as a project manager with the Purdue IronHacks team. Her research is based on analyzing the effect of openness and transparency on overall performance of participants in Open Data Contests.



Danny Sierra González  is a Telecommunication Engineer. He was awarded a scholarship from the GIZ – Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (International German Cooperation) to study Technology and Innovation Management partnered with Fraunhofer Institut in Germany. He is a second year M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering student from Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá. Danny has experience in startup communities, open innovation strategies and lean business development. His main interest is about citizens’ motivations on open innovation  and civic crowdsourcing platforms. He is currently part of the Purdue IronHack team in charge of marketing and operational strategies.



Peng Li is a second year Masters student of Computer and Information Technology in the Purdue Polytechnic Institute. He got his Bachelor of Science degree in Software Engineering from Xiamen University, China. He is interested in web application development and he also has several development experiences about web application front end and back end. He used to participate in the development of Continuous Analysis of Many CAMeras(CAM2) and take charge of the system integration and the work about open source. Peng currently works in the RCODI under Professor Sabine Brunswicker. He works as a developer in RCODI and is responsible for platform development.



Deep Randhawa is a senior in Computer Science working on his Bachelors’ degree. His concentrations include Machine Learning, Databases and Information Systems and Software Engineering. Deep currently works in RCODI under Professor Sabine Brunswicker. He mostly focuses on back end development as a Software Developer, and works on open source software in his free time. In RCODI, he is part of the tech team, and works on developing the platform and tutorials for the hacks.



Jesus-Enrique Aldana-Sigona is a socio-technical computational researcher with interest on survival mechanisms of innovations through social behaviors taken on open innovation platforms. He holds B.S. in Industrial Engineering with a minor in systems from ITESM, México. Prior to pursuing his Ph.D., Jesus-Enrique worked as Project Manager for an automobile company, as Deloitte Consulting Analyst in Mexico for Manufacturing and Banking sectors.




Tian Ying has studied for her Ph.D. in Donghua University in China for two years. She has won the sponsorship from China Scholarship Council for 2017-2018 for a visiting in the Research Center of Open Digital Innovation in Purdue University. Ying’s research mainly focus on the relationship between crowd-innovating space and the performance of makers. Now, she is interested in crowdsourcing and open innovation.





Takeshi Ishikawa is a Visiting Scholar at Purdue University from Japan. He obtained two master’s degrees both in Business and Commerce and Science in Engineering from Keio University. His research interest is in Inbound Open Innovation in Japanese firms. Currently, he is empirically analyzing the difference between Open Innovation projects in Japanese firms and those in U.S. firms.