About Us

The Research Center for Open Digital Innovation is engaging in the revolution of innovation. We live an open and collaborative innovation landscape in which information and data is widely dispersed, technological systems are opened up, and organizations engage in boundary spanning innovation activities. More decentralized innovation ecosystems have emerged in which a diverse set of actors co-create novel solutions to solve complex problems in areas such healthcare, regional development, financial services, and smart manufacturing. Our research is fascinated by the role of digital technologies in this innovation landscape: On the one hand, they have changed how innovations emerge, and afford new infrastructures for how individuals and organizations create, evaluate, and test novel products, services, or even policies. On the other hand, digital technologies have significantly influenced today’s innovation outcomes when they are embedded in physical product architectures and processes. However, many fundamental questions about open digital innovation are not yet answered.

Our vision and goals

Our research group aspires to bring together a network of talented thinkers and thought leaders studying and shaping the revolution of Open Digital Innovation by tacking fundamental research questions related to it in interdisciplinary, sociology-technical, and empirical research projects. We follow an ambitious research agenda and aim to inform both academics and practitioners. Our research creates novel theoretical insights as well as practical guidelines for the “real world”. Beyond that, our goal is to equip future systems designers, managers, and leaders with new guidelines and tools and offer novel research-based interdisciplinary graduate education in innovation.

Our Core Activities

ResearchResearch: Empirical research is our core focus and the backbone of our work. Our research considers both the social and technical dimension of the design of complex innovation systems in which a diverse set of actors creates novel solutions for complex problems. Our work is based on naturally occurring data or field experiments and takes place in action-oriented research with industry, government, and individual citizens. Learn more about our research and explore our current research areas and projects.
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InspirationInspiration and advocacy: We will share our research results through speaker series with international thought leaders, podcasts, virtual webinars, boot camps, and digital live talks to inspire others about our research. Our research will create a new environment and key knowledge base for our partners to establish themselves as leaders of the revolution of innovation.
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EducationGraduate education: Our research will be the backbone for novel forms of an interdisciplinary graduate education in innovation.
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Our people, affiliated researchers and distinguished thought leaders

The Research Center for Open Digital Innovation is founded and led by Sabine Brunswicker. Our entrepreneurial and interdisciplinary researcher team will drive and study the revolution of innovation. The Purdue research team works closely with other affiliated researchers who have established themselves as experts in the area of open and digital innovation. Internationally recognized academics and thought leaders like Ann Marchjak, USC, Henry Chesbrough, UC Berkeley or Wim Vanhaverbeke, Hasselt and ESADE, Esteve Almirall, ESADE and Johann Füller, University of Innsbruck hold a key role in future research activities.

A team of distinguished thought leaders from academia, industry, and governmental organisations helps us shape our research agenda and to inspire others to participate in the revolution of innovation.

Our organizational partners

We also engage with external partners at the organizational level through a membership scheme. Strategic partners actively participate in our core activities and shape the development of our research program and education. In addition, we work with organizations at the individual project level. Current partners are Fraunhofer Society and ESADE Business School. We also work with hidden champions, small firms and entrepreneurs, which themselves have established champions in their niche market. This advisory partner will help us to shape our research agenda and to inspire others to participate in the revolution of innovation.