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Getting Ready for OnePurdue: What You Need to Know

July 2007


Your new salary statement: What's new?

Payroll transactions in OnePurdue are driven by real-time data. Once this information has been entered, the SAP technology at the core of OnePurdue automatically changes data throughout the system. Since, with OnePurdue, all your HR records are consolidated, the delivery of payroll and benefit services will be more integrated. In addition, some employees may notice a few differences between their pre- and post-OnePurdue salary statements (check stubs).

For information about benefit changes connected with OnePurdue and how they might affect you, read the June 2007 issue of Benefits Bulletin. Topics covered include:

  • Term life Insurance
  • If your salary changes
  • Employee benefit deductions will be prorated on all benefits except FSAs and TDAs.
  • Employees who work the 2nd or 3rd shift

Other common reasons why there may be differences in your salary statement:

You work more than one job
Some Purdue staff work a monthly paid position in addition to a separate University job that requires them to submit a time card. With OnePurdue, these employees will be paid for both positions on a single check at the end of the month.

You have imputed income
Some faculty and staff members receive benefits that, while not part of their pay, are still taxable. In the old system, the tax on this imputed income was determined at the end of the calendar year. With OnePurdue, however, it is reflected in each pay.

Internal Revenue Service regulations require that the imputed value of an employee's term life insurance in excess of $50,000 be reported as taxable income. If you have term life insurance coverage that is subject to imputed income, the tax on this income will now be taken from each paycheck in a prorated portion. In the past, the tax was determined at the end of the year.

You work an academic-year schedule
Employees paid on an academic-year (AY) schedule will have FSA deductions taken only from September-April pays. No FSA deductions will be taken from any summer earnings.

AY employees will have TDA deductions taken from every pay, including those in August, May and any summer earnings. To balance out TDA contributions that come from pay, Staff Benefits is encouraging employees to change their TDA contributions from a dollar amount to a percentage of their pay. That way, when someone has a smaller paycheck, their TDA contribution will automatically be smaller, too. (Click here for more details.)

If you want to change to a percentage basis or designate smaller dollar amounts for specific months, you will need to complete a new Salary Reduction Agreement Form. You can change your TDA contribution at any time, but Staff Benefits has established a July 20 deadline to make sure it will be effective in time for your July pay. Click here for a Salary Reduction Agreement Form.
Sample Salary Statement
Sample online salary statement

Please keep all these possible scenarios in mind when reviewing your first salary statement.

If you have questions about your salary statement, your business office may be able to assist you. Online support is available by clicking on the “Get Help” button (right) on OnePurdue’s home page.
Get Help button
The OnePurdue Support Center also can help answer your OnePurdue questions. Contact it at 765-494-6000 or


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Tips for first-time users of Employee Self-Service

If you have never used the new Employee Self-Service (ESS), the tips linked below will help you log in to the OnePurdue portal and access ESS for the first time. Click on any question or topic for answers and detailed information.

1. How to access Employee Self-Service through the OnePurdue Portal

2. Information about your Career Account user ID and password

What is my Career Account user ID?

How do I reset my Career Account password?

Who can help me reset my password?

Why do I get “User Authentication Failed” message when I log in?

3. How do I know if my password has expired?

4. What you can do in Employee Self-Service after logging in

5. What to do if …

Your graduation date in Education Data is missing or incorrect.

Your major and minor educational information is missing or incorrect.

6. Remember:

The “Exit” button doesn’t work in ESS.

Don’t use your browser’s “Back” and “Forward” buttons.

What Internet browsers are supported?

Is there any printing information to be aware of?

7. When logging out of the portal, pop-up blockers can cause problems.

8. Don’t forget to log out!
This is your personal information, so it is extremely important that you log out of the portal when you’re finished so no one can compromise your data.

If you notice significant differences in your pay, vacation or absence information on your online salary statement, consult your supervisor or business office.

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