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October 2007
Issue 5

Photo of Bob Kubat, Sarah Bauer and Linda Conner
Photo by Steve Jones
University Registrar Bob Kubat (left) speaks with Sarah Bauer (center) and Linda Conner at an Oct. 3 orientation for organizational communicators. These individuals will work with the ESA Subcommittee for Preparing Organizational Communications to help that group stay in touch with faculty, staff and students throughout implementation of the new student systems. (Bauer and Conner both serve as OCs, Bauer from Enrollment Management and Conner from the College of Consumer and Family Sciences.) Read more in the article below.


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OPUS Advisory Committee gears up for ESA

“OnePurdue will propel us into the future”

New ESA communication network forming

FAQ of the Month

ESA team getting ready for ‘mock’ testing

Scheduled ESA Milestones

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OPUS Advisory Committee gears up for ESA
Although the new student systems won’t go into production until next year, OnePurdue has already begun preparing to support the faculty, staff and students who will be using them.

The OnePurdue User Support Advisory Committee (OPUSAC), which reports to the project’s Implementation Steering Committee, plays a vital role in developing and providing ongoing user support and training strategies for OnePurdue, said Julie Kercher-Updike, associate vice president for customer relations at Information Technology at Purdue (ITaP), and has now formed a second group focusing its attention and efforts specifically on the Enrollment and Student Affairs (ESA) implementation.
Photo of Julie Kercher-Updike

With membership from areas throughout the University system, OPUSAC’s new ESA committee held its first meeting Aug. 29 to begin addressing the unique needs of those who will be affected by the new Banner applications that will be installed at West Lafayette and North Central. During this meeting, ESA Team Lead Lori Shipley and Pam Horne, assistant vice president for Enrollment Management and dean of admissions, shared the project’s overall goals and schedule with the group. Horne is the process owner for ESA.

In addition to providing valuable input about such areas as training, support and desktop readiness, the committee also will work with the ESA Subcommittee for Preparing Organizational Communications, functional advisory committees and OnePurdue project teams to help promote a widespread understanding of training and support initiatives and issues.

“ITaP’s OnePurdue User Support Project gained a lot from regular communications with the Finance and Human Resources OPUS Advisory Committee,” Kercher-Updike said, “and we’re going to continue to actively seek feedback about the ESA implementation from those in the user community.

“Because our group’s membership is so far-reaching and multifaceted, we’ll be better able to understand and communicate people’s needs, concerns, issues and general perceptions of OnePurdue and ESA, in particular.

“With the support of our advisory committee, Purdue’s future Banner users will receive training and support that addresses their unique needs,” Kercher-Updike said.

“We’re excited about contributing to a successful implementation of the new student systems. This will not be without its challenges, but we know that working together and maintaining communication channels will help make the transition smoother.”

Submitted by Julie Kercher-Updike, Associate Vice President for Customer Relations, ITaP


ESA OnePurdue User Support Advisory Committee
Julie Kercher-Updike, chair
ITaP Customer Customer Relations
Adedayo Adeniyi OnePurdue Change Management
Leonardo Bachega Purdue Student Government
Steve Baker Student Services Technology and Assessment
Sarah Bauer Student Services, OnePurdue ESA Team
Connie Bilyeu ITaP Customer Relations, OnePurdue Training
Michael Budzik APSAC
Beth Burnett Engineering, Head Advisors
Deb Cessna Business Services — Financial Affairs
Christine Collins International Students and Scholars
Val Corley Bursar's Office
Terri Davis Division of Financial Aid
Christine Dehahn Office of the Registrar
Marcia Fritzlen Graduate School Admissions
Jim Greenan University Senate
Jessica Harvey ITaP Customer Relations
Kristin Kasting Admissions
Meetesh Kumar School of Technology, MET/ECET/Statewide Technology
Dennis McElhoe Continuing Education and Conferences
Brad Peters PACADA (Aviation Technology)
John Richardson Housing and Food Services
Colleen Robison Purdue Calumet
JoAnne Sandifur Graduate School
Kari Smith Office of the Registrar
Pat Springer Graduate School Records
Madonna Tritle Purdue North Central
Joanna Wagner Graduate School Enrollment Management
Judy Ware College of Liberal Arts (English Department)
Sharon Williams Employee Relations/HRTD, Comp & Class and County Extension

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“OnePurdue will propel us into the future”
Photo of Willie Reed
Photo by Mark Simons
“OnePurdue is going to propel us into the future; we just need to give it — and ourselves — time. I remember when e-mail and the computer mouse came out. Some people said they’d never use them; they preferred the old ways. But imagine working without them today! It’s like when I began using the new Employee Self-Service: It went a little slowly at first, but once I got familiar with it, I saw how great it is. Yes, systems as big as OnePurdue have flaws in the beginning, but we all need to remember that what we roll out on Day 1 is not the product we’re going to have six months from now, a year from now or five years from now. The bugs will be fixed; the system will be enhanced. I’m really looking forward to Banner. Advisors and faculty will then have more time to advise and work with students — instead of entering data and registering them for classes. It’s true: We have to learn to do our jobs a little differently with OnePurdue, but we just need to stay positive and optimistic and think creatively — and not be afraid of change. After all, just because we’ve done something a certain way for years, that doesn’t mean it’s the best way.”
—Willie Reed, Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine

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New ESA communication network forming
The Enrollment and Student Affairs (ESA) Subcommittee for Preparing Organizational Communications (SPOC), which was formed last spring by the ESA Advisory Committee, is establishing a network of individuals to help it circulate information about OnePurdue’s new student systems.

About 80 individuals from across the Purdue community have been identified by SPOC as organizational communicators (OCs) to help distribute messages about the ESA implementation throughout their respective areas, and provide feedback from them back to the committee.

“These OCs will serve as valuable conduits to all colleges, schools and academic departments of the University, and they will play integral roles in helping SPOC maintain appropriate levels of communication,” said University Registrar Bob Kubat, who chairs the committee. “This will help ensure that future users of the new Banner applications will stay well informed about the project.”
Photo of Bob Kubat

(SunGard Higher Education’s Banner software is the suite of applications that will comprise the bulk of Purdue’s new student systems.)

“We see this as a partnership. Not only will these individuals help us deliver news and information to the user community, but we’ll learn from them as well, hearing questions and feedback we might not otherwise receive.

“We have a lot of information to communicate to the Purdue faculty, staff and students over the next several months, and these individuals will make this process go much smoother.”

Submitted by University Registrar Bob Kubat

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FAQ of the Month

What is mock testing?
This is a system test. Depending on when it is conducted, it could be system integration testing or user acceptance testing. As the new student systems gets closer to going into actual production, mock testing will help ensure that we are ready to go live.

Read more in the article below.

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ESA team getting ready for ‘mock’ testing
“This is an important part of preparing for the new student systems.”
—Lori Shipley, OnePurdue ESA Team Lead
Photo of Lori Shipley
File Photo

The OnePurdue Enrollment and Student Affairs (ESA) team is busy preparing for the first “mock” testing of the new Banner applications.

“This is a system test,” said ESA Team Lead Lori Shipley, “and its goals will be determined by when it is conducted. For example it might be a system integration test or user acceptance test.”

Integration testing will assess how the new software works with other University systems. User acceptance testing will allow the ESA team to get the perspectives of staff who will be using the applications, the first of which are scheduled to be released in 2008 to support financial aid processing.

The first mock testing, scheduled to occur the week of Nov. 5, will focus on data conversion and financial aid processes. The data being converted are needed from the legacy systems to support the new financial aid processes. Although this will be conducted by the ESA team, other Purdue staff members will be involved in conversion validation in the weeks leading up to this test. Both the validation group and the ESA team will play key roles in discovering and documenting issues. (For example, legacy data might have been incorrectly mapped to Banner and would need to be adjusted prior to the final conversion run.)

These issues, if any, will be addressed before the next mock test, currently planned for the week of Dec. 10. This one will involve more staff from the Financial Aid offices at both the West Lafayette and North Central campuses.

“All this testing is an important part of preparing to release the new student systems,” Shipley said. “We need to know that they work well before they are released next year.”

Results from these mock tests will be reported in this newsletter in the next few months.

Submitted by Lori Shipley, Enrollment and Student Affairs Team Lead

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Scheduled ESA Milestones

Click on the image below to view the most recent implementation schedule planned for OnePurdue's new student systems, which will be released in 2008.

ESA Milestones Chart

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