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August 2007
Issue 3
Photo of Linda Conner and Deb Aldridge
Photo by Steve Jones
Linda Conner (left) participates in a July 23 meeting of the Registration and Scheduling Work Group. Listening is Deb Aldridge from the College of Education Department of Curriculum and Instruction. This group is composed of 19 advisors, schedule deputies and representatives from each West Lafayette school and college. Read more about the its activities below.
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Work group addresses registration questions

Financial Aid leaders learning about Banner from counterparts

“You can't stop a speeding train”

North Central & West Lafayette work together to make Banner a success

Purdue leaders learn Banner lessons from Wichita State

ESA Scheduled Milestones

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Work group addresses registration questions
Tarri Brickler of the Registration and Scheduling Work Group makes a point during a recent meeting.
Photo of Tarri Brickler
Photo by Steve Jones

Although the specific Banner modules OnePurdue will implement in 2008 have been selected, there are still many decisions to be made regarding how to use them to best serve the needs of both the University and its students.

“When Banner goes into production next year, the changes it will bring will be both numerous and noticeable,” said Lori Shipley, the leader of OnePurdue’s Enrollment and Student Affairs team, “and we need to decide how we’re going to make it work for us.”

(Banner is the software package that Purdue has licensed from SunGard Higher Education for OnePurdue’s student-related applications. Already in use at the Calumet and Fort Wayne campuses, it will be installed at West Lafayette and North Central.)

One of Banner’s major functions is its online registration component, said University Registrar Bob Kubat, which will allow students to register for classes themselves. “This is a big change for Purdue, and we’re now faced with several registration-related questions that need to be answered — questions that the West Lafayette campus has never before had to address.”

For this reason, a special work group has been formed to focus on registration and scheduling at West Lafayette. (Since North Central has been using its own online registration system for some time, it already has made such decisions relevant to its campus.) The Registration and Scheduling Work Group is composed of 19 advisors, schedule deputies and representatives from each West Lafayette school and college. Working with the Office of the Registrar, it is in the process of answering many key questions.

The first and most important things it will do, Kubat said, will be to establish registration priorities and define how OnePurdue changes will affect the advising process.

“OnePurdue will bring significant benefits for the hundreds of academic advisors at West Lafayette. Because students will be registering for their classes online — something that advisors have historical done for them — advisors will then have more time to counsel students not only about course selections, but career issues as well.”

Sue Aufderheide, director of undergraduate studies program and a member of the work group, agrees. “The advising process under Banner will be better because advisors will have more time to talk with students about their academic and career goals, as opposed to having to deal with the nuts and bolts of registration.

“I also think students will be more content with their schedules than before. Since they’ll be picking their own classes, there likely will be fewer drops and adds, so schedules should settled a lot sooner.

“Overall, the new systems we’ll begin using next year should make classes more available to all students,” Aufderheide said.

Once Banner has been fully implemented, students will not only be able register online, but also do so at the section level.

“Again, this will be something completely new for Purdue,” Kubat said, “and it raises a number of other questions we need to consider.”

How the new online registration will affect the advising process will also change how the University conducts Day on Campus, when incoming freshmen meet their advisors and register for fall classes.

“Obviously advising is a major part of this event, so it will be affected, but we need to determine exactly how,” Kubat said.

“Just as important, however, these decisions need to be made by the Purdue community, particularly by those in academic areas most familiar with the needs of both advisors and students.

“That’s why the academic community is so well represented in this work group,” he said, “and why every school and college was invited to participate.”

The work group addressing issues relating to online registration and scheduling has been meeting regularly since July 9, beginning with learning how Banner’s registration functions. It currently plans to complete its work sometime this fall.

“There is so much that’s going to change with Banner — and for the better,” said Dennis Bowling, director of academic advising for the College of Liberal Arts.

“Being a part of this group has been a really good experience so far. There are lots of issues that we need to resolve, and this gives us a chance to address some things that should have been years ago, but couldn’t because of restraints of the current systems.”

“This work group,” Aufderheide said, “is helping to set the course for how the whole transition to Banner will take place and what the new processes will be like once they are in place.”

Submitted by the ESA Subcommittee on Preparing Organizational Communication

Registration and Scheduling Work Group
Adedayo Adeniyi OnePurdue
Debra Aldridge Curriculum and Instruction
Thomas Atkinson Graduate School Administration
Susan Aufderheide Undergraduate Studies Program
Larry Barrett North Central Registrar's Office
Dennis Bowling College of Liberal Arts
Tarri Brickler Mechanical Engineering
Linda Conner College of Consumer and Family Sciences
Joe Dubes College of Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Sciences
Josie Galloway Office of the Registrar
Carol Horan Office of the Registrar
Logan Jordan School of Management
Bob Kubat University Registrar
Denise Ottinger School of Veterinary Medicine
Mary Sadowski College of Technology
Danielle Sheese Pharmacy
Debra Sheets Office of the Registrar
Lori Shipley OnePurdue
Judith Ware College of Liberal Arts
Dale Whittaker College of Agriculture
Robert Wild College of Science- Department of Chemistry
Heather Wilkerson Office of the Registrar
Abby Yankovich Office of the Registrar

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Financial Aid leaders learning about Banner from counterparts
Photo of Deb WIlson, Robyn Poole and Emil Goeke
Photo by Steve Jones
From left, Deb Wilson, Robyn Poole and Emil Goeke are financial aid specialists on OnePurdue's Enrollment and Student Affairs team. All three worked in the Division of Financial Aid before joining OnePurdue in July 2005.

With the new Banner Financial Aid software scheduled to go into production in February to prepare for the 2008-09 academic year, Purdue’s Division of Financial Aid (DFA) in West Lafayette has been working more and more with the OnePurdue team to get ready for and use the system.

In July 2005, three staff members from DFA moved to OnePurdue’s Enrollment and Student Affairs team to work full-time on the project: Deb Wilson, assistant director of federal programs, Senior Business Analyst Emil Goeke, and Robyn Poole, associate director of information technology. Other key DFA staff, including Executive Director Joyce Hall, also have been involved with training and making decisions throughout this summer.

“Although DFA has used a modified mainframe SunGard Higher Education (formerly SCT) financial aid system for many years, the Banner Financial Aid system is much different,” said Hall, “and we have learned a lot by consulting with financial aid colleagues at other universities who have installed and are using Banner.”

Banner Financial Aid has been implemented at hundreds of colleges and universities across the country, including Purdue’s Calumet and Fort Wayne campuses, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Drake University, and DFA leaders have learned a lot from their insight and experiences.

“Even though Banner has occasionally been a little frustrating, we are pleased with how well the normal everyday financial aid functions work,” said Bob Anderson, senior associate director of financial aid at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. “Tracking, budgeting, packaging, award letters and disbursements work well and allow aid processing to be timely and even earlier than most schools.

“Now that we are in our fourth year of Banner, we feel that we are running the system rather than the other way around,” Anderson said. “I think any new system takes about three years to get the kinks out of it.

“SunGard also has been very responsive and sees us as a partner,” Anderson said, “not just a client. Many Banner improvements are on the horizon, so Purdue is implementing it at a good time.”

Susan Ladd, director of financial aid at Drake University, emphasized the need to focus on training so the right people learn about Banner at the right time and in the right way.

“When I taught middle school, we called it the 'teachable moment'; spending time planning is time well spent, and that includes deciding what groups need to know what and when."

DFA is currently planning to introduce its staff to the Banner Financial Aid system in early September.

Submitted by Marvin Smith, Associate Director, Division of Financial Aid

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“You can't stop a speeding train”
“This is an exciting time at Purdue. Next year, our faculty, staff and students will begin reaping the benefits of the new Banner software. Not only will students finally get to register for their classes online, they’ll also have access to their information on file with the University. This will give them more control of — and more responsibility for — their academic careers. Banner will be great for advisors and administrators as well. Having access to more information right at their fingertips, in addition to all the new reports that will be available, will help them do their jobs better. This change is long overdue at Purdue, and I’m really looking forward to it. Most other universities have been using this technology for years, and our people are as smart as — or smarter than — theirs, so we can do it, too. There will be a few bumps in the road, of course, as there always are with major transitions like this, but if we embrace OnePurdue and communicate and support each other, we can’t help but make Banner a success for us. Every Boilermaker knows that you can’t stop a speeding train, and we’re on track for something great.”
—David Santogrossi, Associate Dean of Liberal Arts and Associate Professor of Psychological Sciences
Photo of David Santogrossi
Photo by Tammy Sandel

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North Central & West Lafayette work together to make Banner a success

With preparation well underway for next year’s Banner implementation for the North Central and West Lafayette campuses, several PNC staff are playing key roles in helping OnePurdue’s Enrollment and Student Affairs (ESA) team with the project.

North Central has four members of its Information Services department, in addition to representatives from its Admissions, Registrar, Bursar and Financial Aid offices, involved with the implementation. Robin Brown, who formerly served as manager of Information Services at North Central, has been a part of the OnePurdue team since July 2005.

In addition to Brown, other North Central staff, including Cynthia Graham, a credentials analyst in Enrollment Services, and Assistant Registrar Jen Wolszczak, have been to OnePurdue in West Lafayette numerous times for Banner training and to learn more about the new systems going into production in 2008.

“We are very excited about this project and the great improvements and functions it will bring to our campus,” said Graham. “The time we’ve spent in West Lafayette working with the OnePurdue team to configure Banner has been very beneficial to all of us.

“We’re also working with the ESA team to make Banner at North Central as similar as possible to that at West Lafayette. Our’s will differ only where our needs differ.”

The experience of people at Purdue Calumet and Fort Wayne (IPFW), both of which have been using Banner for years, also has been invaluable, said Shelly Barnes, a counselor in North Central’s Financial Aid Office, noting that MaryAnn Bishel, Calumet’s representative on the OnePurdue team, has been especially helpful.

“MaryAnn's guidance with this project has given us the opportunity to take a hard look at how we do things in Financial Aid and streamline and improve many of our processes, making them more user-friendly for staff and informative for the students,” Barnes said.

“We’re very excited to be able to work together with the OnePurdue and ESA teams. So many of our responsibilities will be automated with Banner,” she said.

“That means we’ll spend less time on routine, everyday tasks and have more time to work with students and outreach programs.”

Submitted by the ESA Subcommittee on Preparing Organizational Communication

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Purdue leaders learn Banner lessons from Wichita State
Photo of Dianne Coleman
Photo by Steve Jones
“Purdue is aligning itself with the industry standard for student management systems. We were honored to be a part of the University’s implementation discussions and meet so many campus colleagues. The journey ahead will be overwhelming at times, but the end result will be truly amazing for all.”
—Dianne Coleman, Wichita State University

As OnePurdue prepares to release Banner’s student applications in 2008, the team and University leaders are finding that there is a lot that can be learned from other schools that have installed and are using the software.

Purdue officials and members of OnePurdue’s Enrollment and Student Affairs (ESA) team have spoken with administrators at a number of other universities, and last week, two of them came here.

Wichita State University (WSU), which has about 14,500 students and 3,000 faculty and staff members, recently implemented SunGard Higher Education’s Banner suite, and two of the key people involved with that project spoke to hundreds of Purdue faculty and staff members Aug. 6-7 at the West Lafayette campus.

Dianne Coleman, assistant vice president, Budget and Operations, Office of the Provost, and vice president for academic affairs and research, and Becky North, WSU’s user support and training coordinator and manager of WSU’s Banner User Services area, discussed their experiences preparing people for the Banner systems during their two days at Purdue.

They talked about how WSU planned for training and gave an overview of workshops they designed for university leaders. Coleman and North spent much of their time describing one workshop on departmental implementation strategies, which was designed to communicate information about the Banner implementation and help overcome anxieties and apprehensions about the transition.

“The enthusiasm of Wichita State’s leadership is contagious and inspiring,” said Pam Horne, assistant vice president for enrollment management and dean of admissions at Purdue. “The techniques Dianne and Becky shared for getting a campus ready for change — and how successful they were — provides a model for us.

“We are very grateful for their generosity and the time they spent here. Their experience is an outstanding example of the collaboration among those in the SunGard community, of which Purdue is now a part.”

ESA Team Lead Lori Shipley agreed: “They provided very useful information, and their visit was well timed with OnePurdue’s — and ESA’s — progress.”

The WSU representatives were equally impressed with their counterparts at Purdue.

“The trainers are outstanding,” North said. “I was impressed with their excitement to ‘touch’ Banner for the first time. They are quick learners, and I’m certain they will provide a high-quality learning experience for Purdue’s faculty, staff and students.

“We look forward to the opportunity to share more ideas and experiences with Purdue in the future.”

Submitted by the ESA Subcommittee on Preparing Organizational Communication

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