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Getting Ready for OnePurdue: What You Need to Know

June 2007


Purdue’s new human resources and payroll system, OnePurdue, will bring new services to you and the University — and put more control in your hands.

The OnePurdue human resources and payroll system released this summer will change many things, including the way your personal information on record at Purdue is handled. Please take a moment to read how these changes will impact you — and how you can prepare for them.

With Employee Self-Service, you’re in charge
Beginning July 2, 2007, Purdue’s new human resources and payroll system, OnePurdue, will bring you new ways to manage your personal information on record with the University. Using OnePurdue’s Employee Self-Service (ESS) feature, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • View salary statements.
  • Enter or change bank information.
  • Change home address/phone and other personal data.
  • Update educational information.
  • Suppress personal data from the Purdue directory.

All faculty and staff members will receive basic ESS instructions by campus mail the week of June 25. Student employees can access the same information via SSINFO. For further help, contact the OnePurdue Support Center at 765-494-6000 or

Click here for more information about OnePurdue’s Employee Self-Service.

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Online salary statements save time and paper

All faculty, staff and student employees not enrolled in direct deposit are encouraged to do so.

OnePurdue will make it possible for the University to transition to a paperless pay system, and a big step toward this is having salary statements (i.e., “check stubs”) available online.

All employees will be able to view (and print) their salary statements online using OnePurdue’s Employee Self-Service. In addition, those signed up for direct deposit will be notified by e-mail after each deposit has been made.

Links to sample biweekly and monthly salary statements can be found on OnePurdue’s Employee Self-Service Web page.

Although Purdue will continue to print pay checks for the time being, all faculty, staff and student employees not already enrolled in direct deposit are encouraged to do so. Click here for a direct deposit enrollment form.

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No new numbers to learn
The goal of OnePurdue is to make your life easier — not more complicated. So don’t worry about memorizing more numbers. The Purdue University Identification number (PUID) is used throughout the Purdue system as a unique identifier, and will continue to help us manage access and other daily business. Faculty and staff members will not have to learn or supply other IDs as they interact with their business office personnel.

As OnePurdue’s new human resources and payroll processes are rolled out, you may see unfamiliar terms like “Person ID” or “Personnel Number” (PERNR) on forms or reports. Although these system-generated numbers will be running behind the scenes, the PUID is associated with each faculty and staff member’s record in the new system. So you can continue to use your PUID and Career Account user ID without having to deal with yet another number.

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Vacation and sick time practice revised
In the past, staff could use their accrued vacation time up to and including the current pay period. With an automated system, accrued time is credited as each pay period is closed, and vacation time earned will be available to use in a subsequent accrual period. So now leave time accumulated during the current pay period can only be taken after that period.

Monthly paid (exempt) faculty and staff will continue to use vacation time in minimum half-day increments. When recording vacation time, however, they will record their half-days in hours. This is necessary because not every employee works the same number of hours in a day. (For example, if someone works ten-hour workdays, five hours would be a half-day for them.)

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Important OnePurdue Payroll Dates
  • Tuesday, July 3: First biweekly pay
  • Wednesday, July 18: Second biweekly pay
  • Tuesday, July 31: First monthly pay
  • Friday, Aug. 31: Second monthly pay

Special note for monthly paid employees
If a monthly paid employee also works in a position that is paid on a biweekly basis, pay for biweekly work will be disbursed at the end of the month. Both monthly and biweekly pay will appear on one disbursement at that time.

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Changes in store for academic-year pay schedules
Since December 2006, several messages regarding upcoming changes to academic-year (AY) pay schedules have been sent to faculty, staff and student employees paid under the AY calendar. You can review all this information — including details about the AY salary schedule, pay deductions, pay advance options, summer savings options and more — on OnePurdue’s Academic-Year Pay Changes Web page.

Click here to read frequently asked questions on this topic.

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Balance TDA contributions by switching to percentage of pay
With OnePurdue, the full amount that someone has designated for a tax deferred annuity (TDA) contribution will be deducted from every paycheck, including the smaller ones that academic-year-paid faculty and staff will receive in August and May. TDA contributions also will be taken from any summer pay.

This process will go into effect July 2, and will affect any summer earnings received this July and every pay you receive thereafter.

To balance out TDA contributions that come from pay, Staff Benefits is encouraging employees to change their TDA contributions from a dollar amount to a percentage of their pay. That way, when someone has a smaller paycheck, their TDA contribution will automatically be smaller, too.

If you want to change to a percentage basis or designate smaller dollar amounts for specific months, you will need to complete a new Salary Reduction Agreement form. You can change your TDA contribution at any time, but to make sure it’s effective in time for your July pay, you need to submit a completed form to Staff Benefits by July 20.

Salary Reduction Agreement forms are located on Purdue’s Human Resources Services Web site. To get them, click here and select “Forms” from the “Resources” drop-down menu tab. (The current forms are being updated and should be available by June 22.)

If you need further assistance with TDAs, please call 765-494-1680.

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New, easier travel system coming soon
After consulting with members of the Purdue community, it was decided to implement OnePurdue’s travel module after the July release of the new HR/Payroll system. This will give faculty and staff members more time to improve their skills with the new financial applications, learn new HR business processes, and make the transition to the new travel system a lot smoother.

We’re confident you’ll like the power and features of the new travel module, and find that the extra time will be worth the wait.

Once scheduled, a new “go-live” date and training courses for travel will be announced in OnePurdue’s e-newsletter and on the Web site.

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Important change made to travel reimbursements
Beginning July 2, 2007, if an employee has not enrolled in direct deposit, any travel reimbursement check will be mailed to his or her home address. If they are signed up for direct deposit, reimbursements will be made electronically to their primary direct deposit account. Although Employee Self-Service allows for the designation of a separate bank account for travel reimbursements, this feature will not be active until OnePurdue’s travel module goes live. It is important, therefore, that all employees make sure that their bank account and home address information with the University is up to date.

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OnePurdue and ESS are secure
Security is an important part of OnePurdue. In order to access the OnePurdue portal and Employee Self-Service, you will need to change your Career Account password every 30 days. Click here for detailed information about passwords and how to reset them.

change your passwordIf you want to change your Career Account password now, click on the “Change Your Password” button at right.

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Help is just a click away
Get Help HereDuring this period of transition, many faculty and staff members and students will look to their peers, supervisors, Human Resource Services, and payroll and business offices for help. In addition to these resources, online support is available by clicking on the “Get Help” button (right) on OnePurdue’s home page.

The OnePurdue Support Center also can help answer your OnePurdue questions. Contact it at 765-494-6000 or

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How to log in to OnePurdue
ONe Purdue Portal LoginTo access the OnePurdue system, go to OnePurdue’s home page and click on the “OnePurdue Portal Login” button (right). You will need your Purdue Career Account user ID and password to access Employee Self-Service and your personal HR and payroll information. If you don’t know your Career Account user ID, click here for instructions on how to find it.

Click here for more details about Purdue Career Accounts.

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You’re logging in for the first time, but it says “User Authentication Failed.” What’s going on?
It might be that you have not changed your OnePurdue Career Account's password in the past 30 days.  OnePurdue enforces the University policy that requires you to change your password frequently.

To prepare for OnePurdue’s second release (Human Resources, Payroll and Employee Self-Service), faculty and staff that have not previously accessed OnePurdue will have their OnePurdue account activated prior to the July 2 “go-live” date. Because of this early activation, the 30-day clock will have already begun. So if you try to log in after the 30 days have expired, you may not be allowed in and will see the “User Authentication Failed” message.

If you are able to log in to OnePurdue and see a warning message that your password will expire soon, please reset it as soon as possible. Click here to find out how to change your Career Account password yourself. (Allow at least ten minutes for a new password to change in the ESS system).

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If you still have questions about the changes coming with OnePurdue, you can read several HR- and ESS-specific FAQs on OnePurdue’s Frequently Asked Questions page.

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