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     nov. 21, 2008

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Online grade entry for fall semester begins Dec. 15

An important part of the new student systems will make its debut in December when faculty members begin entering final grades online.

Instead of the old paper forms, the faculty will now submit their grades using the myPurdue portal from anywhere they have a computer and Internet connection. For the first time, it also will be possible to assign plus and minus grades.

This introduction to the new process will help faculty members get ready for the change.

How to Enter Grades Online

  1. Using your Career Account username and password, log in to myPurdue here:
  2. Select the Faculty tab. When grade entry is open, your classes will be displayed in myPurdue’s Faculty Grade Assignment channel.
  3. Select Final Grades from the drop-down menu and click Go.
  4. Click the green or yellow triangle to start entering grades for a class.
  5. After finishing and saving the grades, click Back to Faculty/Staff Resources to return to myPurdue.

Grades can be entered only during a specific period established by the Office of the Registrar. Once they have been rolled into academic history, they will no longer be available to the faculty on grade rosters in Self-Service Banner (i.e., myPurdue). Grade submission for the eight-week schedule closed Friday, Oct. 24. This is the grade-entry window for the full fall 2008 semester:

Grade Entry for Fall Semester
Monday, Dec. 15
8 a.m.
Tuesday, Dec. 23
5 p.m.

Important Tips
Please make sure your FERPA and GLBA certifications are current.

Check your password to see if it needs to be reset. To find out, log in to myPurdue and look in the “Career Account Password Status” box on the right.

UPDATED DEC. 12: To accommodate grade submission, effective Dec. 15, myPurdue will automatically time out after 60 minutes of inactivity instead 30. There is no auto-save feature, so to help prevent the screen from timing out — and possibly losing your work — click the “Submit” button (at the bottom of the grade-entry screen) frequently. Each time you do, any grades already entered will be saved, and the timer reset to 60 minutes. You can access grades you’ve already submitted until they are rolled out Dec. 23. (The system timeout will be reset to 30 minutes Dec. 24.) Blackboard Vista is already set to time out after 60 minutes.

When selecting a grade from the drop-down list, remember that the ones listed will be the only possible grades for that class.

Entering attendance information is optional.

If you submit a grade of “I” (incomplete), you will need to submit a Registrar Form 60 to your department. This should include the reason for the grade, what the student needs to do receive a permanent grade, their grade for coursework completed to that point, and how much weight will be given to the remaining work when computing a final, permanent grade.

Grades will be rolled into students’ academic history at the end of the second business day following the end of the semester. During the grade-entry period, you may continue to enter grades for students who had not previously had them assigned. You can change and submit grades up until the submission deadline, after which you can only submit them using Registrar Form 350.

If you have more than four classes, click More to view additional classes or increase the Number of Rows setting.

Help and More Info
Additional information about submitting grades online (including do so using INB or Blackboard Vista, is available on the OnePurdue Web site.

If you have additional questions about entering grades in Banner, please contact the Office of the Registrar at (765) 494-6165 or


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