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     jan. 30, 2008

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Content on the myPurdue portal is structured as a series of “tabs” and “channels,” and what each user sees is largely dependent on his or her role(s) in the University.

A tab is an area of the portal that focuses on a distinct subject matter or category of user, and each tab includes different channels, which are boxes of information on a subtopic. (A role is a predetermined level of security based on what a user needs to access.)

Generic RoadmapFor example, the student Academic tab includes channels for each individual’s course schedule and academic profile; tools to look up, register for, and add and drop classes; and even information about that semester’s textbooks.

One myPurdue screen everyone has in common is the login window. Once logged in, however, what users see can differ from person to person. This is because, simply put, the Banner system knows who a user is and what they need to see, since each user has been assigned at least one role.

All myPurdue users have a Home tab, but their role(s) will determine what is visible on it.

In general, all instructors will see the Faculty tab and all students the student tabs. From there, what is visible gets more individualized. All students, for instance, will see the Financial tab, but those receiving financial aid also will see a channel with information about their aid.

Incoming freshmen and transfer students will initially see only one tab: New Student, which will disappear about the time their first classes begin. (See another article in this newsletter for more details about the New Student tab.) All students also will see the Student Life tab.

All instructors will see the Faculty tab, but if a faculty member also is a student, then they will see student tabs as well.

In addition, some faculty and staff members have administrative duties, and can access a special area of Banner called INB (Internet Native Banner), so their screens also may include tabs for e~Print, a Web-based report distribution and archiving system in Banner. Relatively few myPurdue users will see e~Print tabs, though, whether they are faculty, students or staff.

There are no unique tabs or channels for employees, so if they are neither a student, faculty member nor have duties requiring INB access, their myPurdue pages will have few channels.

This is a high-level outline of myPurdue’s general organization and most common tabs (click to enlarge):


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