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     October 5, 2009

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Enhancing student communications

The June issue of myPurdue News contained an article on how myPurdue is part of a growing e-communication network. Many new segments were introduced to the e-communication network with the beginning of classes starting this fall semester. This article gives an overview of e-communication channels in place, how students are adapting to these changes, and what new student communication initiatives may be on the way.

“eSidewalk flyers is an excellent way of promoting a student activity or organization event”, says Pablo Malavenda, Associate Dean of Students. “The single entry point (to GetInvolved@Purdue) of posting a flyer makes it simple and convenient for students.”

Since August 1 of this year, over 252 eSidewalk fliers have been posted, reports Lee Gordon, Assistant Vice President for Student Services. “There were over 270,000 views of eSidewalk fliers during the 2008-2009 school year, and given the new communication channels that were recently added for syndicating flyers, the number could easily reach 7 digits this year”, says Gordon.

Malavenda said that information about eSidewallk flyers was presented at the Student Leaders Retreat on August 20 at Camp Tecumseh, and students expressed delight in what they heard. “They also made suggestions for improvements, and we want to pay attention to these because they (students) are the ones using the system”, said Malavenda. Gordon said that diagrams explain better than words of how the network works, and there is a diagram from students’ perspective and another from staffs’ perspective.

Malavenda and Gordon are part of an Enhanced Student Communications Committee. The committee will be looking at new initiatives such as installing an outdoor electronic sign, supporting a unified approach to digital signage on campus, and assessing use of these systems and understanding more how Purdue students receive their information.

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