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     feb. 27, 2009

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New myPurdue tab offers help

A new tab in myPurdue makes it easier for portal users to get help, said Dwight Snethen, ITaP customer service quality director.

There are three categories of help, each with their own particular links: Faculty/Staff, Student and General. As with other myPurdue content, the help links one sees will depend on his or her role with the University.

Only students and academic advisors will see the student help links. Likewise, students who are not instructors or students who don’t view course rosters will not see the faculty-specific links. Everyone who logs in to myPurdue will see general help topics, which include assistance with such things as Career Account passwords, Purdue’s wireless network (PAL), and searching ITaP’s knowledge base.

“The type of help available to someone is specific to how they use myPurdue,” Snethen said. “For example, links to help with registration and financial aid will only be visible to students.”

screenshotClick on the image at right for a full-size screenshot that shows what would be visible to someone with all three roles.

“We’re trying to centralize help resources for myPurdue users so they don’t have to hunt down information on various Purdue Web sites.” Snethen said. “This adds more value to the portal and makes it easier to locate help information on various sites and knowledge bases.”

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