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     May 7 , 2010

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System enhancements: Requests for service to Banner and the ODS

In January 2010, the Student Systems Prioritization Committee was established to address requests for enhancements to the student systems. The committee is comprised of key process owners whose primary resource is the student enterprise application. The primary purpose of the committee is to review and prioritize requests submitted to make enhancements to the student enterprise application (i.e., Banner) and the operational data store (ODS).

The process to propose an enhancement to Banner or the ODS requires a process owner to complete and submit a Request for Service (RFS) form. Each RFS is categorized as a mandate, directive, or elective. A different weight is assigned to the RFS based upon this categorization. Additionally, each RFS is ranked using a scorecard to evaluate four major areas for the proposed enhancement: business requirements, strategic implications, benefits of implementation, and risks of implementation. The committee reviews the RFS and scorecard and then comes to a consensus on the score assigned to the RFS. The score is then used to prioritize the request.

Once each RFS is prioritized, the committee assigns resources to work on RFS’s by considering the workload currently in progress, the estimated number of hours needed to complete the RFS, and the timing of the request in relation to the cycle of the academic year. Finally, the committee also removed a few requests from the RFS list since the recent upgrades to Banner included a solution to replace the requested enhancement.

Since January, the Committee has reviewed and prioritized over 80 RFS’s, and of those, 32 separate enhancements are in the process of being developed by the Student Systems Competency Center teams. A few examples of the RFS’s that are in progress are: developing a way to display registration requirements when students look up a course in the class schedule view, printer friendly unofficial transcript via Self-Service Banner, Financial Aid SSACI awarding – State Financial Aid awarding, and displaying Learning Outcomes in Self-Service Banner. Concurrently, there are major projects in progress, such as the decommissioning of the legacy system for producing legacy transcripts, ODS 8.1 upgrade and Banner 8.3 upgrade, and the TouchNet application fee integration.

Questions regarding the RFS process, or suggestions regarding future enhancements should be sent to

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