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ESAnews, Issue 10, October 2008

photo of studentSenior Tory Prichodko explores myPurdue on the first day it was made available to all students and faculty members. The Internet portal to Purdue’s new student systems, myPurdue is replacing SSINFO and SIS-on-the-Web, and will allow access to online, real-time information and other self-services not available before. Prichodko was especially excited that Purdue now offers online registration, and that students can drop and add classes online. “This is great. I’ll be studying abroad this fall, and now I can register for my spring classes from there.” Read more in the story below. (Photo by Steve Jones)



Banner goes live; myPurdue use grows

Many months of preparation came to fruition July 21, when the new Banner student systems were released to all West Lafayette faculty and students.

At 7:35 a.m., access to myPurdue, the Internet portal through which they will use Banner, was made available not only to faculty and students, but also staff members who will use it in their jobs.

myPurdue logo“As expected, things went pretty smoothly,” said Rita Clifford, OnePurdue’s Enrollment and Student Affairs team lead, “and we’ve received some good feedback that will help us continue to improve the systems.”

More than 5,000 individuals logged in to myPurdue the first day, and there frequently has been 10,000 or more unique users each day since then.

As of Aug. 19, myPurdue has been visited 40,435 times. Of those, more than 13,500 students have used the system’s online registration and other features.

One of those was Kelli Jensen, a third-year student in the College of Liberal Arts who checked her financial eligibility and confirmed that she was registered for fall classes online. “It was a lot easier than I had anticipated,” she said.

“It (using Banner) was a very good experience,” said senior Scott Secrist, who used the system to change a 7:30 a.m. class to a 3:30 section.

Another student, Tory Prichodko, a senior in management, was excited that she can now register for and drop and add courses on the Web. “This is great! I’ll be studying in Ireland this fall, but can register for my spring classes from there.”

Some office staff also began using Banner the same day, including several in the Office of the Registrar.

“Students and staff members have been enthusiastic about the new student systems,” said Josie Galloway, assistant registrar for academic and classroom scheduling. “They seem to be catching on quickly and navigating through the system with ease.”

More information about Banner and myPurdue is available on OnePurdue's ESA page.


Photo of Gary NewsomHistoric Day OnePurdue Executive Director Gary Newsom holds a plaque commemorating the release of the new Banner Student software, which was rolled out July 7-21. He said work will continue on an ongoing basis to improve all the new systems, which include the financial and HR applications released in 2007 and the financial aid module that went live in February. “We have laid a good foundation, and the University will continue to build on this cutting-edge technology to ensure that it evolves with and meets Purdue’s needs.” (Photo by Steve Jones)


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myPurdue transition schedule online

A document outlining the transition schedule from SSINFO and SIS to myPurdue is now online. It lists various features of SSINFO and SIS, when they will be moved from their current system, and where they will be located after their transition to myPurdue is complete.

A link to it also can be found on the OnePurdue's Enrollment and Student Affairs Web page.


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Special newsletter published for faculty, instructors

faculty newsletter screenshotA special electronic newsletter about Banner and myPurdue was sent to all faculty and instructors Aug. 13. In addition to basic step-by-step instructions on how to get started using myPurdue, it covers a variety of other topics, including changing passwords, viewing course rosters, entering grades and reporting.

It also includes a sample faculty screen, glossary of Banner terms and information on how to find help logging in and using the system. (If you did not receive an e-mail with a link to this newsletter, please check your Junk mail folder. Some faculty members have reported that it was filtered out as spam. You also can click on the image at left to read it.)

More information about Banner and myPurdue is available on OnePurdue’s Enrollment and Student Affairs Web page and Information for Faculty, Enrollment & Staff page.


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30-day password rule begins for advisors, INB users

Beginning Oct. 1, some users of the new student systems will be required to change their passwords every 30 days in order to log in to the myPurdue portal.

This is an exception to the University policy that states all Career Account passwords must be changed every 120 days, which will continue to apply to students and faculty members who do not have advising access to student data.

All Internet Native Banner (INB) users (including student employees who use INB) and academic advisors who use Self-Service Banner (SSB), however, will now have to change their passwords every 30 days.

myPurdue Password Status ScreenshotTo help myPurdue users keep track of their password status, a window on their myPurdue home page shows how many days remain until their current password expires. If it needs to be changed, there is a link to do so directly from this page.

By default, this countdown indicator has been 120 days for everyone since myPurdue was released in July. On Oct. 1, however, this will switch to 30 days for those who need to change their passwords that often.

“It’s important that all ‘30-day’ myPurdue users be current within that limit before Sept. 30 so they don’t get caught in a 30-day expiration situation Oct. 1,” said OnePurdue ESA Security Lead Dee Schlatter.

There also has been some confusion about how myPurdue passwords should be changed, she said. “You log in to both the myPurdue and SAP portals with your Career Account username and password, so when you change it, it will change for all Career Account-enabled services, including myPurdue.”

There are exceptions to this synchronized Career Account change, including TouchNet and Ad Astra accounts, which are completely separate from the Career Account process. Documentation distributed to new TouchNet and Ad Astra users includes information about password changes, requirements and restrictions specific to those systems.

Information on how to change Career Account passwords is available here or from each department’s technical support staff.


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Primary Banner training finished; more planned

Photo of Connie BileauWith the initial phase of Banner training completed in September, more than 1,200 staff (and some faculty) members at Purdue’s West Lafayette and North Central campuses have learned to use the new student systems.

Training was provided using both online courses and 112 hands-on classroom sessions.
Online courses — including Introduction to Financial Aid, Banner Navigation and a student systems overview — are still available for new hires or those who missed the summer and fall classes, said Connie Bilyeu, OnePurdue’s director of training.

Additional training is now being developed for the post-go-live environment.

“Although we’ve begun planning ongoing training for the student systems, advisory groups have recommended that we first convert courses for the most common Banner access roles from classroom to online format.” These include Enrollment Services (ENRLSV200), Student Information Inquiry (STUVW200) and possibly training for academic advisors.
A new hands-on course for advisors is planned to start in mid-October. Designed specifically for advisors who currently have only SSB (Self-Service Banner) access, it will introduce them to Internet Native Banner (INB) and how to update student records. This course will cover a new system function, Curriculum Advising and Program Planning (CAPP), and academic history, a Banner component that will be released at the end of October. More information about this course will be sent to advisors and associate deans once it’s been scheduled.

How much access an individual has to the new student systems depends on their “role,” the level of security they have to certain types of data in Banner based on their position and duties. It also determines what training they’ll need.

“Training is tailored to each faculty and staff member’s approved role,” Bilyeu said. “Being assigned that role is always the first step in deciding which courses are appropriate for each person.” A catalog of all student systems training courses (with descriptions of each) is on the OnePurdue Web site’s ESA Training page.

“Although enrollment in online courses is currently managed by the training team, prospective learners enroll themselves in hands-on, classroom training,” she said. “That way, they can select a class section that fits their schedules.” (Enrollment instructions are also provided on the OnePurdue Web site.)

The following need to be done before someone can attend hands-on training:

  • Their system role(s) must be requested by their department head and approved by the appropriate student function owner. (For example, the Division of Financial Aid is the function owner for financial aid data, and the Office of the Registrar for student and course data.)
  • Annual FERPA and GLBA certifications must be completed.

“Both of these are absolutely essential,” Bilyeu said, “and will be checked for each participant prior to attendance. They may be excused from the class if the requirements have not been met.”

Applicable prerequisite courses, such as Banner INB Navigation (BANNAV100), may also be required.

For more information about student systems training, contact the OnePurdue training team at


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New groups will administer student applications

Photo of Tom RobinsonSince OnePurdue’s last major software release went “live” in July, the Enrollment and Student Affairs team, in collaboration with many at the West Lafayette and North Central campuses, has been moving from an implementation to a post-go-live phase. As part of this transition, new committees have been formed to oversee and support the applications that comprise Purdue’s new student systems.

The Student Applications Steering Committee, chaired by Lee Gordon, assistant vice president for student services technology and assessment, will represent key stakeholders, core users and different ITaP units.

“There are four vital components of our post-go-live governance model,” said Tom Robinson, vice president for student services. “The steering committee will establish the overall direction of and set priorities for the applications.

“This group is critical because it will ensure that our operational strategies align with the University’s strategic priorities.”

The Student Applications Advisory Committee, chaired by Mitch Warren, senior associate director of Admissions, will gather and relay input from the user community about the systems.

“We need to know not only what’s working and what’s not, but also what’s needed,” Robinson said, “so this committee’s importance cannot be overstated.”

In addition to these steering and advisory groups, the Subcommittee for Intercampus Integration and Coordination will oversee effective data management across all four Purdue campuses, which is especially important now that Banner is being used at each location.

Finally, the SunGard Competency Center, an integrated team of cross-functional and technical staff, will monitor and manage the execution of our priorities.

“OnePurdue has been based on teamwork and collaboration,” Robinson said, “and I believe this governance model will foster continued success as we move to the post-go-live environment.”


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Portal committee to guide myPurdue improvements

Photo of Pam HorneA new advisory group has been formed to manage the evolution of the myPurdue portal at the West Lafayette campus.

Since the last major Banner software release in July, the Enrollment and Student Affairs (ESA) team has been moving into a post-go-live environment. While steering and advisory committees have been formed to oversee ongoing development of the new student systems (see story above), the new myPurdue Portal Advisory Committee is dedicated to the continuous improvement of the portal itself.

“This is the primary door to Banner for most users, after all,” said Pam Horne, assistant vice president for enrollment management and dean of admissions, “and we need a team devoted specifically to its enhancements.”

As the “process owner” for the new systems, Horne wants this 10-member panel, which includes both staff and students from the myPurdue user community at West Lafayette, to focus on a number of tasks, beginning with setting criteria and creating a process for considering requests from campus organizations that want to post information on the portal.

Over time, she said, this advisory body will work with the SunGard Competency Center, an ESA post-go-live group, to determine how myPurdue can be made customizable for Purdue’s students, faculty and staff.

Chaired by Matt Pistilli, senior assistant director of Student Access, Transition and Success, the committee, which held its inaugural meeting Sept. 15, is considering several improvements to the myPurdue home page, including:

  • Sending emergency alerts to the Important Announcements section.
  • Creating a new Help tab, which would include the current Help Documents channel.
  • Adding RSS feeds for University News Service and PurduEBoard.
  • Building a new Academic History/Transcripts channel.

“We’re listening to the user community,” Horne said, “and its feedback will help us make myPurdue’s interface and user experience even better.”


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Forums held for deputies, head advisors

Photo of Bob KubatAlmost 150 schedule deputies and head advisors shared their experiences using the new student systems during forums held in July and August.

“This was just the first step toward establishing two-way communication with Banner users,” said University Registrar Bob Kubat. “These were productive meetings, and we appreciate everyone’s feedback.”

The Office of the Registrar is planning more of these types of events as OnePurdue’s Enrollment and Student Affairs implementation enters its post-go-live, support phase.


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