One Purdue

ESA Organizational Communicators

Academic Affairs — Nancy Bulger

Academic Department Heads — Robert A. Kubat

Accounting — John S. Higgins

Accounts Receivable — John S. Higgins

Admissions — Mitchell W. Warren

Advancement — Murray H. Blackwelder

APSAC — Michael J. Budzik

Associate Deans — Christine M. Ladisch

Bursar's Office — John S. Higgins

Business Managers — Lucia M. Anderson

Business Office — Melvin F. Klinkner

Business Services Computing — Michael A. Szczepanski

Center for Career Opportunities — Timothy B. Luzader

College of Agriculture — A. Dale Whittaker

College of Consumer and Family Sciences — Linda S. Conner

College of Education — George W. Hynd

College of Engineering — Michael T. Harris

College of Liberal Arts — David A. Santogrossi

College of Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Sciences — Holly Mason

College of Science — Kerry Daley

College of Technology — Jacqueline Brown

Comptroller's Office — John S. Higgins

Continuing Education & Conferences — Michael M. Eddy

CSSAC — Gary L. Carter

Dean of Students Office — Sue A. Wilder

Disbursements — John S. Higgins

e-Commerce — John S. Higgins

Enrollment Management Research — Sarah B. Bauer

The Exponent — Adedayo O. Adeniyi

Faculty Senate — Dennis J. Minchella

Financial Aid — Marvin L. Smith

Graduate School — JoAnne M. Sandifur

Graduate Student Government — Adedayo O. Adeniyi

Head Academic Advisors — Laura L. Curry

Housing and Food Services — John W. Richardson

Human Relations — Barbara J. Devine

Human Resource Services — Kevin A. Vedder

ID Card Office — Wayne L. Hilt

Implementation Steering Committee — Adedayo O. Adeniyi

Intercollegiate Athletics — Edward G. Howat

Internal Audit Office — Peggy L. Fish

International Programs — Riall W. Nolan

ITaP — Jennifer L. Kapp

Krannert School of Management — Logan Jordan

Libraries — James L. Mullins

Loans — John S. Higgins

Office of Budget & Fiscal Planning — Jim David

Office of Engagement — Cheryl A. Butz

Office of the Registrar — Robert A. Kubat

Office of the Vice President for Research — H. Christine King

Office of Treasury Operations — Teresa K. Mimms

Office of the Vice President for Governmental Relations — Terry D. Strueh

OnePurdue Functional Teams — Adedayo O. Adeniyi

OnePurdue Oversight Executive Committee — Adedayo O. Adeniyi

OnePurdue Project Management Office — Adedayo O. Adeniyi

OVPSS, ROTCs, Bands, Convocations, PMO — Sandra K. Monroe

PACADA — Timothy Kerr

Project Sponsors — Adedayo O. Adeniyi

PUGSAC — Adedayo O. Adeniyi

Purchasing — Amanda M. Jackson

Purdue Student Government — Adedayo O. Adeniyi

Recreational Sports — Howard H. Taylor

Schedule Deputies — Robert A. Kubat

Scholarship Coordinators Network — Ellen Barbour

School of Veterinary Medicine — Denise A. Ottinger

Space Management — Keith S. Murray

Sponsored Programs Administration — C. Jeffery Buchanan

Student Access, Transition and Success Program — Andrew K. Koch

Student Health Center — Robert D. Wallace

Student Services Technology and Assessment — Steve Baker

Tax Manager — John S. Higgins

Undergraduate Studies Program — Sue Aufderheide

University Relations — Julie Rosa

University Residences — John W. Richardson


Registration and Scheduling Workgroup

Adedayo Adeniyi — OnePurdue

Debra Aldridge — Curriculum and Instruction

Thomas Atkinson — Graduate School Administration

Susan Aufderheide — Undergraduate Studies Program

Larry Barrett — North Central Registrar's Office

Dennis Bowling — Undergraduate Studies Program

Tarri Brickler — Mechanical Engineering

Rita Clifford — OnePurdue

Linda Conner — College of Consumer and Family Sciences

Joe Dubes — Graduate School

Josie Galloway — Office of the Registrar

Carol Horan — Office of the Registrar

Logan Jordan — School of Management

Bob Kubat — University Registrar

Denise Ottinger — School of Veterinary Medicine

Mary Sadowski — College of Technology

Danielle Sheese — Pharmacy

Debra Sheets — Office of the Registrar

Judith Ware — College of Liberal Arts

Dale Whittaker — College of Agriculture

Robert Wild — College of Science, Department of Chemistry

Abby Yankovich — Office of the Registrar




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