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JV Upload

  • JV Upload refers to uploading a batch of journal vouchers into the OnePurdue system. It should only be utilized for large-volume documents and departmental recharges.
  • The JV Upload template allows for 5,000 lines of transactions, although the upload will be split into separate documents of 998 lines each. For smaller transactions, please use the OnePurdue transaction code FV50 for your accounting documents.
  • Please be sure to use a fund and business area for each balance sheet GL Account, 100000-399999.
  • Do not include a business area for Income Statement GL Accounts, 400000-599999. GL Accounts in this range require a fund and one cost object (either a Cost Center, Order, or WBS Element).
  • Click here to view a table of the required elements for transactions. (PDF)
  • To download the the JV upload template and specifications, go to the finance tools page.

Master Data

  • Master data is the storage place in the OnePurdue system for data that remains unchanged for an extended period of time. This data contains information that is used in the same manner for similar modules or transactions.
  • In the Finance modules, the following are considered master data:
Accounting Master Data Other Master Data
Funds Statistical Internal Orders
GL Accounts/Commitment Items/Cost Elements Business Partners (Sponsors)
Fund Centers/Cost Centers Sponsored Programs
Real Internal Orders and Funded Programs Grants

Business Partners (Customers — PSCD)

  • Contract Accounts
  • Contract Objects
Functional Locations
Vendors Equipment
Preventative Maintenance
Employee Activity Type
Project Definitions/WBS Elements
  • A central Master Data Team has been formed to create and change accounting master data, including real internal orders, and business partner data. The team will also maintain the crosswalk tables between legacy and SAP accounts.
  • To request a new record or to make a change to an existing record in Accounting Master Data, refer to the Accounting Services Web site.
  • Once the record is created or changed, the Master Data Team will inform the requestor (via e-mail) that the master data has been established.
  • For Other Master Data, Sponsored Programs, and Physical Facilities, data will be maintained by each respective internal master data staff, and departments will create their own Statistical Internal Orders.

Travel Reimbursement Changes

  • Beginning July 2, 2007 — and continuing until the new travel module goes live — Accounts Payable/Travel will begin using OnePurdue to pay travel reimbursements.
  • The legacy travel system will no longer be used or feed DSS after June 29. In the interim, new GL accounts have been established in OnePurdue to accommodate reporting needs.
  • Click here to view a memo about the process and forms changes. (PDF)



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