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List of English-Speaking Countries

This is a list of countries for which English may be a native language. However, it is quite possible that individuals from countries on this list may not be native speakers of English. If you are considering a graduate student for a teaching assistantship that involves the direct instruction of undergraduate students, they need to be certified in oral English proficiency by the OEPT, TOEFL iBT, or IELTS, unless they 1) are natives of the countries listed below and 2) grew up speaking English in their home.

Antigua Liberia
Australia Malawi
Bahamas New Zealand
Bahrain Nigeria
Bangladesh Papua New Guinea
Barbados Sierra Leone
Barbuda Singapore
Belize South Africa (If Afrikaans is not native language)
Bermuda St. Kitts & Nevis
Botswana St. Lucia
Canada (except Quebec) St. Vincent & Grenadines
Commonwealth Caribbean Swaziland
Dominica Tanzania
Fiji Tobago
Ghana Trinidad
Grand Cayman Islands Uganda
Grenada United Kingdom
Guyana United States
Irish Republic Virgin Islands
Jamaica Zambia
Kenya Zimbabwe