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Lindsey Wilson

Lindsey Wilson

2020 Astronaut Scholar


Boonville, IN




College of Science


Lindsey Wilson has received the Astronaut Scholarship sponsored by Marc and Sharon Hagle for her work on genetics. Wilson was drawn to study genetics after an adopted family member was diagnosed with a rare genetic insensitivity to pain.


Wilson has conducted over two years of research on phage folding in the lab of Nicholas Noinaj, an associate professor of biology. She was also a grant-funded intern at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, one of the National Institutes of Health. Wilson was previously awarded a Barry Goldwater scholarship in recognition of her excellence in research.


“My future research lies at the leading edge of genomic discovery, where there are few standard experimental procedures,” Wilson says. “As I investigate genetic disorders with unique properties, I will need to venture to apply different techniques to the field and formulate new procedures to successfully uncover answers. Essentially, I must “choreograph” an experimental sequence that turns my questions into discovery.”


In addition to her academics and research, Wilson is an active member of the Purdue Latin and Ballroom Dance Team, even serving as team captain for two years.