Biotechnology company that detects, monitors cancer joins Purdue Research Park

November 10, 2011

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - A company whose laboratory test may be able to detect cancer earlier than other methods and monitor its progression or relapse has become a tenant in the Purdue Research Park.

Mor-NuCo LLC develops and commercializes protein technology that can provide early detection of cancer in advance of clinical symptoms and a prevention-oriented approach to cancer management. D. James Morré, Purdue emeritus professor of medicinal chemistry, is CEO and director of research; Dorothy Morré, Purdue emerita professor of foods and nutrition, is vice president and CSO. Purdue alumnus David Gilmartin is CFO and operations manager.

"Detecting cancer in advance of clinical symptoms means treatments can be offered earlier," D. James Morré said. "Earlier treatments may bring better outcomes and higher quality of life for cancer patients."

Morré said ONCOblot, the company's laboratory test, detects cancer and determines the tissue of cancer origin.

"The laboratory test will be managed with the aid of clinical collaborators and provided by the service laboratory for a fee," he said. "We also are evaluating an approach using an anticancer nutraceutical, or a food that provides health and medical benefits, to help eliminate early localized cancer."

Morré said Mor-NuCo will complete a clinical trial to evaluate its early detection and early intervention strategies.

"We also will seek additional funding to establish a testing laboratory and explore alternative avenues of our early intervention strategies," he said.

Morré said the Purdue Research Park provides resources and support that Mor-NuCo requires in its early stages of development.

"The amenities like human resources and marketing that are provided by the Purdue Research Park will provide important benefits for the success of our company," he said.

About Purdue Research Park

The Purdue Research Park has the largest university-affiliated business incubation complex in the country in four locations across Indiana. The park network is home to about 200 companies that employ 4,000 people and are located in West Lafayette, Merrillville, Indianapolis and New Albany.

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