Purdue president made honorary Science Journalism Laureate

December 5, 2011

President France A. Córdova, at left, holds an award for her support of Purdue's Science Journalism Laureates program. Moira Gunn, host of "Tech Nation," presented the award.

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President France A. Córdova was honored Nov. 9 for her support and vision involving Purdue's Science Journalism Laureates program.

The annual program, which began in 2006, brings to campus leading science writers who are chosen as laureates based on their reputations for thought-provoking work and aptitude for translating scientific discoveries into a format the public can easily understand.

Moira Gunn, a Purdue alumna and former NASA scientist and engineer, presented the award on behalf of the 26 current laureates, naming Córdova an honorary Science Journalism Laureate. Gunn, chosen in the inaugural class of laureates, is best known as the host of "TechNation: Americans & Technology," a public radio show.

Before she set her sights on science and eventually became an internationally recognized astrophysicist, Córdova wrote and edited for the Los Angeles Times News Service and won an award for a short work of fiction. For that, she won a guest editorship with Mademoiselle magazine.

In addition to receiving their awards during the three-day event, laureates talk to classes and research faculty. They also take part in a public forum on a relevant topic.