Spring Fling Coordinating Committee

Spring Fling Coordinating Committee: I personally want to thank this specific group of people for all the work they put into making Spring Fling such a successful event: Sally Baugues, Jeris Eikenberry, Michael Ellis, Amanda Hamon, Ed Keller, Jon Laswell, Evelyn Mercado, Marta Read, Keene Red Elk, Pat Russell, Amber Simons, Ed Wiercioch, Sharon D. Williams, Sharon S. Williams, Dan Winger. It's hard to tell from the outside how much work is involved in Spring Fling, and that is because of this group. They pull everything together and make it look effortless. I truly appreciate working along side each of you, and I'm looking forward to next year. Thanks so much! -- Carrie Hanson (Human Resources)