Dan Milliken

Dan Milliken (IT Customer Relations): The weekend of Spring Fest, I found myself in the midst of a technology problem that would affect the Phi Zeta Conference scheduled for April 16. I called ITaP and worked with Dan Milliken in ITaP Operations to report the problem. During our conversation, Dan treated me very respectfully. He listened to what was wrong and what I had already done before asking me to follow his traditional protocol. My problem was fairly complex and the call center was extremely busy -- at least three times he had to put me on hold to answer other calls. Ultimately he had to come and assist me with the problem, but he did so without any complaint. Actually he apologized for taking so long getting to LYNN. I appreciate ITaP's choice to employ such a professional and customer-centered employee. I believe he certainly is owed a big "Thumbs Up"! -- Pamela White (College of Veterinary Medicine)