Tim Ropp

Tim Ropp (Aviation Technology): Tim Ropp interacts with students in the classroom and in the laboratory in a way that inspires, excites and challenges students to think differently, synthesize their classroom experience with the real world, and achieve meaningful results. He has stated that our Purdue students are "scary-smart" and create innovative solutions to real-world problems when they are allowed to work in interdisciplinary teams blending classroom knowledge and laboratory experience with the students' creativity and energy. These are things that great faculty do. What sets Professor Ropp apart is his willingness to share with prospective students and their families. As an academic advisor in Aviation Technology, I meet visitors frequently. Tim drops what he is working on to connect with families. He is so engaging and excited about his work. I'd name Tim one of the best recruiting resources for Purdue. Professor Ropp does not expect recognition for the work that he does, but I believe he deserves acknowledgment as a Purdue faculty member who is moving our outstanding institution forward and upward. Thumbs up, Professor Ropp! -- Suzanne Coolbaugh-Walker (Aviation Technology)