Paul Birkhimer

Paul Birkhimer (School of Engineering Education): Congratulations to Paul Birkhimer, academic advisor for First Year Engineering, on being selected by Engineering Education faculty, staff and students for the 2012 "ENEy" Award. Paul is a great asset to the FYE academic advising office. We have had several new staff come on board in last eight months, and Paul is always available to answer questions, explain policy, how things are done or why, and anything else new staff may want or need to know. His patience and willingness to drop what he is doing and answer our questions has eased the transition for several of us in this office. Paul is also a key player in the formal training of new staff. Again it’s his patience and friendly attitude to answer all of our newby questions that have made him so much appreciated. -- Becky Fry, Randy Fonner and Rose Redington (School of Engineering Education)