Dr. Stephanie Inoue and Fritz Heidema

Dr. Stephanie Inoue and Fritz Heidema: I wholeheartedly nominate Fritz Heidema and Dr. Stephanie Inoue of the Small Animal Clinic for the Thumbs Up honor. Recently I made the agonizing decision to euthanize my cat Samantha. We had been companions for 16 years. Both Fritz and Dr. Inoue were so compassionate and professional; their calm demeanor enabled me to do what needed to be done. Fritz gave me some precious private time with "Miss Pris" before she was put to sleep. Then Dr. Inoue allowed me to hold Samantha until she passed away. Dr. Inoue treated Samantha with tenderness, dignity and respect when she took her from my arms; I will be forever grateful. Five days later I received a box in the mail which contained a clay ornament with Samantha's name, footprints, and a little heart -- what a precious memento! Fritz and Dr. Inoue, you are very special people. Thank you. -- Evie McCord