Linda Pitstick

Linda Pitstick: "Thumbs Up" to Linda Pitstick for all her hard work and dedication at the Purdue Extension office in Benton County. Linda has successfully organized a fitness program and has brought Weight Watchers to the Benton County Community Annex building. Most of the women will burn between 500 and 1,000 calories in just one 60-minute class. She also is helping to educate the community about health issues from poor diet and exercise. Beyond educating the community, starting a fitness program and bringing in Weight Watchers, she is there every Monday night, Thursday night and Saturday morning to unlock the doors, help attendees sign in and to ensure everyone has signed the waiver forms. She is also heading up the Annie’s Project on Thursday nights! Bravo. Linda. for all that you are doing for the Benton County community! You have truly gone above and beyond! -- Jennifer Boss