Rick Frost

Rick Frost: Rick Frost was called in to campus as a Physical Facilities emergency responder at 6 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 19, because the Horticulture Greenhouses had lost heat. Forty thousand square feet of plants were at risk, including many that were irreplaceable. By the time Rick was called (the first responder was not qualified for this kind of problem), the temps were in the 40s in most of the greenhouse rooms. He rushed in to campus when I explained this and identified the problem within minutes. He called the responder with high voltage training and had the problem solved within an hour, after they identified the piece of equipment that had caused the failure of all mechanical room equipment. He kept me informed the whole time what was happening. I not only have a greenhouse full of healthy plants today, but a better understanding of how the facility works. I honestly believe this quick response saved us from widespread research plant damage that would have cost months of time and large sums of money to recover from. Over the years, we have consistently had this kind of excellent emergency response from Physical Facilities involving dozens of responders. -- Rob Eddy