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Kim Watley

Kim Watley (Office of the Registrar): I would like to thank Kim Watley for all her help. October 23 was the last day to add/drop/modify courses and like any good college student I needed to make a change last minute. I called in and sat on hold for nearly 15 minutes, and when Kim did answer the phone she asked to put me on hold. As you can imagine listening to that hold music for 15-plus minutes isn't exactly what I would call enjoyable. However, when Kim picked the line back up she was wonderful to speak with. She apologized for the delay and explained that they were swamped with all the last-minute changes. She promptly answered my questions regarding my change and wished me a great day. Purdue is lucky to have such a caring and patient person helping its students figure out their scheduling woes. -- Ben Doll (Computer and Information Technology)