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Christopher Munt, Carolyn Johnson, Project L.E.A.D. mentors and Lupita Acosta-Roberts

Christopher Munt (Diversity Resource Office), Carolyn Johnson (Diversity Resource Office), Project L.E.A.D. mentors and Lupita Acosta-Roberts (Liberal Arts Counseling and Student Services): I would like to give a "Thumbs Up" to Christopher Munt, Carolyn Johnson, the Project L.E.A.D. (Learning through Experience and Awareness in Diversity) mentors and Lupita Acosta-Roberts for their outstanding work at this year's Connections Institute. More than 100 undergraduates had a productive day working on the theme "Engaging Generation Y's Strengths: Innovation, Stewardship, and Inclusion." The content methodology was solid in both its leadership competencies and learning taxonomy. -- Alvin Lee (Human Resources)