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Staff involved with Engineering Professional Education move

Staff involved with Engineering Professional Education move: The staff of the non-credit courses in Engineering Professional Education recently moved from Potter to ENAD. The ENAD space, a storeroom for years, took creativity and positive attitudes to turn it into a suitable professional office. The difficulties of the move were brightened by our experience working with several outstanding university employees. We had help with moving furniture to repairs of leaky pipes to cleaning. Thank you to Kenny Seamans and Glen Deno who did the painting; Brian Knoth, Joe Lane, Don Layton and Bill Woodward, who installed the carpet, base, and partitions; Donna Ahlen, Phil Qualio and Connie Washburn, who sorted through logistics issues; Chuck Huffer, who replaced the falling ceiling tiles, hung keyboard trays and decor; Scott Bunnell, who got the heat working on a quick turnaround; Jerry Cote, who fearlessly got on the roof during a heavy rain to reroute water and reduce the leaks; Sue Ticen, Sue Provo, and Karen White, who helped us locate furniture for the space. Our secretary, Lindsay Beron, coordinated a lot of it. Our hats go off! -- Vickie Maris, Marsha Nance, Jun Fang (Engineering Professional Education)