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David Pike

David Pike (Hall of Music operating), Carol Baunach (Purdue Police Department) and many others: In early March, I lost a re-designed family heirloom ring that is worth a lot, not only monetarily, but sentimentally. I thought I lost it at the Sports Rec Center, but it turned out that I lost it at Elliott Hall of Music. I emailed the Purdue Police Department, and Carol Baunach responded that I should contact Central Lost and Found. I went to Central Lost and Found armed with a picture of my ring. The person there came back with an envelope, the picture and with something "that looks like the same ring." My jaw dropped! There was the ring! I put two and two together when I found that David Pike, who gave the ring to a Purdue police officer, was at Elliott. I had been to see the Joffrey Ballet with a friend and took my ring off while I knitted waiting for her. David said that the ring passed through many hands on its way to Central Lost and Found. Thanks to all of the honest, wonderful people involved in my ring finding its way back home! -- Sara Behnke (Procurement Services)