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Carrie Anderson

Carrie Anderson (University Residences): Carrie is a supervisor in the dining courts, and her passion is helping students with food allergies. This letter was received from a thankful mother: "My daughter is currently a sophomore at Purdue. She follows a gluten-free diet. Carrie Anderson, the dining court supervisor who specializes in food allergies, has been outstanding. She gave Sarah her cell number last year so that Sarah could text her when she was coming to the dining court and could tell her what she wanted so that she could have it ready for Sarah when she got there. That is going above and beyond. Sarah also informed me that just recently she spoke with someone at Cary Knight Spot and was inquiring as to whether they have any gluten-free foods. They said they did not, but are now carrying gluten-free food for her, too. As a mother, I can't thank you enough for all that you have done to make my daughter's experience at Purdue a positive one. She absolutely loves going to Purdue and feels that it is the perfect fit for her. I honestly don't believe she would feel this way if it were not for all the wonderful staff that you have helping my daughter. Your staff has been exceptional. It is evident that they are there for the students and that is their priority. Again, thank you to all those who have contributed to the positive experience my daughter has had at Purdue and have helped make her college experience less stressful by accommodating her needs." -- Ken Field (University Residences)