Office of Engagement

To recognize excellence and promote the Scholarship of Engagement, Steve Abel, Associate Provost for Engagement, Purdue’s Office of Engagement, invites nominations for the following awards:

1.   Faculty Engagement Scholar Award To be awarded to an assistant or associate professor with an outstanding record of early achievement in, and strong indication of future contribution to, the Scholarship of Engagement;

2.   Corps of Engagement Award To be awarded to a team of faculty, staff, students, and/or community stakeholders for outstanding partnership and achievement in the Scholarship of Engagement;

3.   Faculty Engagement Fellow Award To be awarded to a full professor whose work has led to a strong record in the Scholarship of Engagement;

4.   Staff Engagement Award  To be awarded to a staff member who has collaborated in sustained synergistic partnerships within his or her community; embodies the scholarship of engagement, not only to strengthen Purdue University, but also community partners; continually gives back, through community service, in order to improve the lives of others;

5.    Christian J. Foster Award  To be awarded to a faculty member who has contributed to K-12 science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education in Indiana.


The three-fold purpose of the Office of Engagement Awards is:

1.   To reward outstanding accomplishments that exemplify the highest levels of excellence in the

Scholarship of Engagement;

2.   To reinforce the core characteristics of the Scholarship of Engagement, namely, the creation and dissemination of new knowledge through intensive community interaction and partnership culminating in documented community impact; and

3.   To promote engagement as a powerful vehicle for fostering impactful scholarship.


All nominations will be judged on the following criteria:

1.   Scholarship Is there strong evidence that the work has been received and recognized by the community of scholars most appropriate to the field of endeavor?

2.   Community Partnership Does the work involve reciprocal, collaborative, and mutually beneficial working relationships with community stakeholders?

3.   Documented Impact Has the impact of the work on community stakeholders been studied, understood, and reported? Is the impact sustainable?


General guidelines are as follows:

1.   Nominations should be submitted via email to Julie Gibbs at by the nomination deadline indicated below. (Self-nominations are acceptable.)

2.  The nomination package should consist of:

    a.   A concise summary (no more than two pages, not including references) of the engagement work that provides background and addresses the three criteria listed above;

    b.   A CV, not exceeding three pages, for each person named in the nomination;

    c.   A letter from a community partner describing the partnership and community impact;

    d.   A letter from an independent, recognized scholar describing the significance of the new knowledge created.

3.   Nominations will be evaluated and awards decided by a distinguished ad hoc committee.

4.    Each awardee will receive an appropriately inscribed plaque and a monetary award.

5.   Tenured, tenure track, and clinical faculty are eligible for faculty awards.

6.    Nominations are encouraged from all Purdue campuses.


Important dates are:

    Nominations due:                                                      Friday, February 26, 2016

    Awards announced:                                                   Thursday, March 31, 2016