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March 22, 2013

New email account accepting ideas for cost savings

Faculty and staff are encouraged to submit ideas for cost-saving measures to a new designated email account.

The account is savings@purdue.edu. Conversations about cost-saving measures still should happen at the college and unit levels, but faculty and staff may send suggestions and ideas to this account, too.

On March 1, President Mitch Daniels announced a tuition freeze for the next two years to ensure the affordability of a Purdue education. To offset the financial effect of the tuition freeze, Purdue needs to identify $40 million in savings.

To help identify cost-saving measures, faculty and staff should assess current practices and expenditures in their University units to find those that do not further the core missions of learning, discovery and engagement, or that do not lead to students' affordable access to Purdue. Ideas for saving could include expenses that once made sense but no longer do, or operations that would take place less expensively if consolidated.

Ideas and suggestions sent to the account will be collected and assessed in the coming weeks.