Krannert ranks high among job recruiters

March 22, 2011

Job recruiters ranked Krannert School of Management seventh in a 2011 Bloomberg Businessweek survey of undergraduate business schools.

The survey asked recruiters, among other criteria, which programs turned out the best graduates, which schools have the most innovative curricula, and which have the most effective career services areas. Krannert ranked 13th last year.

Further evidence of recruiter interest in Krannert: The 2010 Undergraduate Fall Career Fair drew more than 130 companies to campus, a 20 percent increase from the year before.

About 50 companies made presentations to students, and more than 700 job interviews were conducted. The Undergraduate Spring Career Fair, held in February, drew more than 85 companies, a more than 10 percent increase from last year.

"Recruiters tell us that our students do their homework in terms of preparing for interviews," said Erik Props, assistant director of Krannert undergraduate career services. "They're well-prepared and interview well. Once hired, they roll up their sleeves and look for challenges within the organization."

Krannert students are able to prepare for interviews and hone presentation skills through the Undergraduate Management Communication Center.

Krannert's 2010 bachelor's degree graduates landed jobs with a median salary of $49,000 and median signing bonus of $3,000. Top hiring companies were Sears, JPMorgan Chase, Accenture, General Electric and Deloitte.

Purdue was fourth in a 2010 Wall Street Journal ranking of universities by recruiters, based on how schools prepared their students for the work force.