Tobacco cessation options available

August 2, 2012

Those looking to complete a tobacco cessation program to avoid the $500 additional premium in 2013 have several options. Classroom, phone and online tobacco cessation programs are available for all campuses.


To waive the $500 additional premium on all pay in 2013, tobacco users must complete an approved program between Sept. 1 and the last day of benefits open enrollment for 2013.


Registration for the phone and online programs is available in WorkLife Programs' online registration system. After participants register, they can check on the details anytime under "My Enrollment." Participants completing an online or phone program will need to turn in a certificate of completion to their campus wellness program.


More information on approved cessation programs is available at, or by contacting a campus program:


* West Lafayette: 49-45461,


* Calumet: 219-989-2709,


* Fort Wayne: 260-481-6647,


* North Central: 219-785-5519,


For more information on the tobacco-user additional premium, visit