Human Resources reviewing possible 2013 medical plan changes

July 20, 2012

When meeting with Purdue's Board of Trustees on Thursday (July 19), Human Resources outlined a combination of efforts designed to improve employee health, encourage better health care consumer practices and curb the University's rising health care costs.

The following changes are being considered for 2013:

* Implement a "member pays the difference" rule for prescriptions. If a plan participant chooses to use a brand-name prescription drug when a generic drug is available, the participant will pay the difference between the costs of the brand-name drug and the generic drug.

* Add value to the high-deductible medical plan option by increasing Purdue's contribution to the health savings account that comes with the Choice Fund medical plan.

* Increase copays, deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums.

* Set a lower, $10 office visit copay for use of the future on-site Center for Healthy Living.

* Modify eligibility for Purdue medical insurance and retirement contributions for employees beginning long term disability on or after Jan. 1, 2013.

Proposed changes would support several efforts already under way, including:

* This month's rollout of Castlight Health, a tool that lets medical plan participants compare prices and read patient reviews for doctors and medical services before going for care.

* Opening the on-site Center for Healthy Living in February 2013.

* Increasing the tobacco-user additional premium on all 2013 Purdue medical plans to $500 per person, per year, as originally announced in 2011.

* Continuing the plan to reach a medical premium arrangement where Purdue pays 80 percent and employees pay 20 percent by 2014.

* Implementing 2013 changes required by health care reform, including covering contraceptives at 100 percent and lowering the maximum health care flexible spending account (FSA) contribution to $2,500.

Human Resources will finish its proposals for 2013 medical plans and premiums in September and present them to the board in October.

Employees may learn more about issues affecting Purdue's medical plans and 2013 possibilities at sessions Human Resources will host later this summer. Watch for more information in Purdue Today, the Choose Well, Live Well newsletter and the HR website at