WorkLife Programs offering by-invitation presentations

May 17, 2012

Haven't been able to make it to a class? Need some different programming for a meeting or event? Human Resources WorkLife Programs will come to you. Schedule a presentation for your department or work group for a retreat, staff meeting or special session.

To request a presentation, fill out the speaker request form at or call 49-45461. All requests will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Allow sufficient time for scheduling. A minimum four-week lead time is suggested. Unless otherwise noted, groups should have a minimum of 15 attendees.

Those attending the presentation are asked to bring their PUID.

Currently available by invitation:

* Bouncing Back and Better Than Ever.
* Building Bridges / Breaking Barriers.
* Cooking with Herbs and Spices.
* Energize and Focus.
* A Good Night's Sleep.
* Laugh Your Way to Wellness.
* Live Long and Prosper on the Mediterranean Diet.
* Managing People Pressures.
* Nutrition for Your Blood Pressure.
* Organization and Time Management.
* Relax, Release and Renew.
* Stress and the Communication Gap.
* Subdue the Sugar Monster.

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