Convocation recognizes faculty for international and national honors, teaching excellence, years of service

April 27, 2012

Faculty members were recognized Thursday (April 26) for international and national awards, University and college honors, and distinguished and named professorships at the Faculty Awards Convocation. The convocation also honored faculty for their years of service.
National and international awards
2011 National Science Foundation Early Career Award: Alina Alexeenko, aeronautics and astronautics; Monica Cardella, engineering education; Jong Hyun Choi, mechanical engineering; Charles Killian, computer science; Ramana Kompella, computer science; Yuan Qi, computer science; Burkhard Schulz, horticulture and landscape architecture; Olga Vitek, statistics and computer science; Yoon Yeo, industrial and physical pharmacy.

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Sloan Research Fellowship: Tong Liu, mathematics.

American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellows: Steven Adelman, chemistry; Muhammad Ashraful Alam, electrical and computer engineering; Srinivasan Chandrasekar, industrial engineering; Suresh Garimella, mechanical engineering; Michael Ladisch, agricultural and biological engineering.
American Council on Education Fellows: Andrew Buckser, anthropology; Ananth Iyer, management.

American Institute College of Fellows for Medical and Biological Engineering: Marshall Porterfield, agricultural and biological engineering.

American Physical Society Fellows, Institute of Physics Fellow: Gerhard Klimeck, electrical and computer engineering.

Environmental and Water Resources Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Lifetime Achievement Award: Jacques Delleur, civil engineering.

Environmental and Water Resources Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Margaret S. Petersen Outstanding Woman of the Year Award: Katherine Banks, civil engineering.

Gerontological Society of America, Distinguished Mentorship in Gerontology Award: Kenneth Ferraro, sociology.

International Communication Association Fellow: Patrice Buzzanell, communication.

Linus Pauling Institute Prize for Health Research: Connie Weaver, Nutrition Science.

National Academies Education Fellows in the Life Sciences (2011-12): Stephanie Gardner, biological sciences; Laurie Iten, biological sciences.

National Academy of Engineering: Supriyo Datta, electrical and computer engineering.

National Athletic Trainers' Association 2011 Hall of Fame: Larry Leverenz, health and kinesiology.

National Medal of Technology and Innovation: Rakesh Agrawal, chemical engineering.

National Science Foundation CAREER Research Awards: Monica Cardella, engineering education; David Gleich, computer science; Senay Purzer, engineering education; Burkhard Shulz, horticulture and landscape architecture.

Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers: Demetra Evangelou, engineering education; Eugenio Culurciello, biomedical engineering.

SPIE Fellow: James Leary, biomedical engineering and basic medical sciences.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Fellows: Ragu Balakrishnan, electrical and computer engineering; Ahmed Hassanein, nuclear engineering.
University awards

Inaugural Morrill Award: Victor Lechtenberg, Office of Engagement.

2012 Violet Haas Award: Laurel Weldon, political science.

2012 Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Awards in Memory of Charles B. Murphy: Dor Ben-Amotz, chemistry; Brad Benhart, building management and construction technology; Nancy Gabin, history; Michael Melloch, electrical and computer engineering; David Rollock, psychological sciences; Teresa Taber Doughty, educational studies.

2012 Morrill Awards: R. Graham Cooks, chemistry; Mark Lundstrom, electrical and computer engineering; Eugene Spafford, computer science; Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth, human development and family studies.

Class of 1922 Helping Students Learn Award: George Hollich, psychological sciences.

Clifford Kinley Trust grant awardees: Joshua Alexander, speech, language, and hearing sciences; Alejandro Cuza-Blanco, languages and cultures; Susan DeCrane, nursing; Alexander Francis, speech, language, and hearing sciences; Sarah Mustillo, sociology; Melissa Remis, anthropology; Shawn Whiteman, human development and family studies.

Committee on Institutional Cooperation-Academic Leadership Program Fellows: Eric Barker, medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology; Rosalee Clawson, political science; Joseph Francisco, chemistry;
Joseph Irudayaraj, agricultural and biological engineering; Ragu Raghothama, international programs in agriculture; Dorothy Teegarden, nutrition science.

Continuing Education's Award for Excellence in Distance Learning: Erin Bowen, technology leadership and innovation; Liza Braunlich, Center for Food and Agricultural Business.

Fellowship for Study in a Second Discipline (2011-12): Brian Overholser, pharmacy practice; Thomas Siegmund, mechanical engineering; John Sundquist, languages and cultures; Lynne Taylor, industrial and physical pharmacy; Philip Troped, health and kinesiology.

Fellowship for Study in a Second Discipline (2012-13): Nicoletta Adamo-Villani, computer graphics technology; Gregery Buzzard, mathematics; Elizabeth Hoffmann, sociology; Amanda Seidl, speech, language, and hearing sciences; Marianne Stowell Bracke, library science; Charles Woloshuk, botany and plant pathology.

Herbert Newby McCoy Award: Clint Chapple, biochemistry.

Outstanding Commercialization Award: Lonnie Bentley, computer information technology.

University Faculty Scholars: Jeffrey Dukes, forestry and natural resources; Ann Kirchmaier, biochemistry; Jianxin Ma, agronomy; Brenda Capobianco, curriculum and instruction; Ji-Xin Cheng, biomedical engineering; David Love, electrical and computer engineering; Alejandro Strachan, materials engineering; Peide Ye, electrical and computer engineering; Lisa Goffman, speech, language, and hearing sciences; Shuang Liu, health sciences; Mahalakshmi (Preeti) Sivasankar, speech, language, and hearing sciences; Dorothy Teegarden, nutrition science; Mohan Dutta, communication; Iñigo Sanchez-Llama, languages and cultures; Fenggang Yang, sociology; Eric Barker, medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology; Matthew Huber, earth and atmospheric sciences; Luis Kruczenski, physics; Zhao-Qing Luo, biological sciences; P.V. Ramachandran, chemistry; Dongyan Xu, computer science.

Provost's Award for Outstanding Graduate Faculty Mentor: Suresh Garimella, mechanical engineering; Robert Geahlen, medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology.

Provost Fellows: Frank Dooley, agricultural economics; James McCann, political science; Greg Michaelski, earth and atmospheric sciences; Teresa Taber Doughty, educational studies; Elizabeth Taparowsky, biological sciences.

College awards

College of Agriculture -- Richard L. Kohls Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award, to W. Scott Downey, agricultural economics.

College of Education -- Faculty Teaching Award, to Carrie Wachter Morris, educational studies.

College of Engineering -- A.A. Potter Best of Engineering Teaching Award, to Charlies Krousgill, mechanical engineering.

College of Engineering -- Advising Award, to James Jones, mechanical engineering.

College of Engineering -- Early Career Research Award, to Alexandra Boltasseva, electrical and computer engineering.

College of Engineering -- Engagement/Service Award, to Joseph Pekny, chemical engineering.

College of Engineering -- Leadership Award, to Robin Adams, environmental and ecological engineering.

College of Engineering -- Mentoring Award, to Srinivas Peeta, civil engineering.

College of Engineering -- Research Award, to Farshid Sadeghi, mechanical engineering.

College of Engineering -- Team Award for Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, to Melba Crawford, civil engineering and agronomy; Jay Gore, mechanical engineering.

College of Health and Human Sciences -- Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Education, to Christine Weber-Fox, speech, language, and hearing sciences.

College of Health and Human Sciences -- Early Career Research Achievement Award, to Shawn Whiteman, human development and family studies.

College of Health and Human Sciences -- Research Achievement Award, to Wayne Campbell, nutrition science.

College of Liberal Arts -- Educational Excellence Teaching Award, to Keith Shimko, political science.

College of Liberal Arts -- Departmental Educational Excellence Teaching Awards, to Kenneth Ferraro, sociology; Patricia Sullivan, English.

College of Liberal Arts -- Kenneth Kofmehl Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award, to Nancy Gabin, history; Sam McCormick, communication; Leigh Raymond, political science; Melanie Shoffner, English; Mariko Wei, languages and cultures.

Krannert School of Management -- 2012 Salgo-Noren Outstanding Master’s Teaching Award, to John McConnell, management.

Krannert School of Management -- 2012 Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher Award, to Cliff Fisher, management.

Libraries -- Annual Award for Excellence in Teaching, to Lawrence Mykytiuk, libraries.

Libraries -- Dean's Award for Significant Advancement of a Libraries Strategic Initiative, to Suzanne Ward.

Libraries -- John H. Moriarty Annual Award for Excellence in Library Service, to Catherine Fraser Riehle, libraries.

College of Pharmacy -- Dr. Aziz Outstanding Teaching Award, to Matthew Murawski, pharmacy practice.

College of Pharmacy -- Chaney Research Award, to Mark S. Cushman, medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology

College of Science -- Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award, to Rachael Kenney, mathematics.

College of Technology -- James G. Dwyer Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching, to Brad Benhart, building construction management.

College of Technology -- Outstanding Discovery Award, to Bedrich Benes, computer graphics technology.

College of Technology -- Outstanding Engagement Award, to Denver Lopp, aviation technology.

College of Technology -- Outstanding Learning Award, to Donald Petrin, aviation technology.

College of Veterinary Medicine -- Alumni Outstanding Teaching Award, to Amy Fauber, veterinary clinical services.

Distinguished professors (appointed after April 2011)
Rebecca Doerge, Trent and Judith Anderson Distinguished Professor of Statistics.
Robert Kail, Distinguished Professor of Psychological Sciences
Vladimir Shalaev, Bob and Anne Burnett Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
Mary Wirth, W. Brooks Fortune Distinguished Professor of Chemistry.

Named professors (appointed after April 2011)
Sylvie Brouder, Wickersham Chair of Excellence in Agricultural Research.
P. Christopher Earley, James Brooke Henderson Profesor of Management.
Norman Faiola, White Lodging Services Center Professor of Hospitality and Tourism Management.
James Mullins, Esther Ellis Norton Professor of Library Science.
George Nnanna, Francis and Elsie Meyer Professorship for Purdue Calumet's Water Institute.

Faculty service recognition awards
A list of recipients is available as PDF file.