WorkLife Programs class to offer insight into nutrition for blood pressure

April 25, 2012

Human Resources WorkLife Programs is offering a course to educate participants about the best foods for blood pressure.

"Nutrition for Your Blood Pressure" will be held from 4:10 to 4:50 p.m. Thursday (April 26) in Stewart Center, Room 306. Linda Monahan, WorkLife Programs registered dietitian, will facilitate.

According to the CDC, approximately 30 percent of Americans at least 18 years old have high blood pressure, or hypertension. Medications are often needed to normalize these levels. However, researchers increasingly report that what we eat also affects how forcefully our hearts must pump to distribute the blood throughout our bodies. Participants will discover not only the foods that cause spikes in blood pressure, but also those that optimize every heartbeat by helping to keep your blood pressure within normal limits.

To register for this or another offering, go to and log in with your career account and password, or call WorkLife Programs at 49-45461.

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