'5 Students Who ...' nominations wanted

April 4, 2012

In honor of the Olympic Games that begin in July 2012, "5 Students Who …" will celebrate Purdue students who are making a name for themselves. Faculty and staff are encouraged to nominate students they consider Record Makers.

Do you know a student who is breaking new ground? Someone who will not give up until they have created history? Maybe you know a student competing at the Olympics or someone who is "the first" to do something -- an artist, scientist or entrepreneur.

The June 2012 "5 Students Who …" will feature their stories.

Nominate a "Record Maker" candidate by completing the form at http://marketing.purdue.edu/5students. Providing detailed information on the student will increase thee chance of selection. Deadline for nominations is April 11.

For questions, contact Sue Ferringer at susan@purdue.edu or Kinnari Sejpal at ksejpal@purdue.edu.